Recently I read two books and here is how I relate them to pick a life lesson

Ikigai – The Japanese secret to a long and happy life

I read my first non-academic book when I was in class IX. Our school was supposed to have an audit from CBSE Delhi and we were setting up our library. I was given the job of documenting all books in a register by sections. I am talking about 2004 when we hardly had computer access and smartphone was pure rare. While dusting through the old stack of books, I found an interesting book and it was “Hsuan Tsang’s journey to India” in Hindi. I read that book in just 2-3 days and discovered a new hobby. Since then I’ve read many books and each one taught me something. Today I want to share my learnings from two powerful books which you should at least be aware of or read immediately if you love such genre.

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Introduction to R Package Opera – A very powerful ensemble package

Topbullets.comFew years back, I was working on a Demand forecasting project where I was dealing with thousands of combinations of Brand-SKU-Store combination. The challenge was to improve existing accuracy to provide better forecasts of each SKU at a store level. Even if you are dealing with 100 SKUs and 200 stores there will be 20,000 combinations and you can’t selectively pick a model for each combination. We tried various individual techniques such as ARIMA, ETS, UCM, NN, and many more but couldn’t meet the accuracy benchmark. Then one of my seniors introduced me to the OPERA package and asked me to research and optimize it for our needs. I successfully implemented it and today I will talk about the same package with detailed R code. Continue reading

How to transfer or migrate wiki pages with attachments from one Azure DevOps environment to another – TopBullets.com

Topbullets.comGenerally, when we start a project, we tend to build git repo on our local environment (Microsoft free version) and when the team grows, we try to move to some other environment that might be paid or enterprise one. Recently, I faced a similar issue. Moving code repo was easier with few git commands but the real challenge came when I was moving wiki pages with attachments. Finally, after struggling for 3 hours, I found a solution that is nowhere available on the internet and I thought it is worth sharing with my audience. So, here it is – how to move wiki pages from one project to another. Continue reading

How to align or format numbers centrally in Microsoft Excel table– TopBullets.com

Topbullets.comYou may have come across this problem while you were trying to align everything centrally, but numbers don’t go to center. All other formats like date, text and account can be centrally aligned but once you change them to numbers with comma style, the format goes out of toss. I remember one conversation between one of my colleagues and his manager about formatting. The manager wanted everything in the table centrally aligned and my colleague was trying to explain, it was impossible. Both tried all tricks and finally, the manager had to agree with him. Today, I found one hack which helps to overcome this challenge. Continue reading