A smartphone’s specifications typically include details about its hardware and software capabilities. This may include information such as the processor type and speed, the amount of RAM and storage capacity, the screen size and resolution, the camera specifications (such as megapixels and aperture), the operating system version, and connectivity options like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and cellular networks. These specifications provide users with an overview of the device’s performance, features, and capabilities, helping them make informed purchasing decisions based on their needs and preferences.

Telecommunication companies are against the FBR’s ‘unlawful’ decision to restrict the usage of SIM cards for individuals who are not tax filers.

Islamabad: The Cellular Mobile Operators (CMOs) have strongly opposed the Federal Board of Revenue's decision to block over 0.5 million…

The government has chosen to engage with stakeholders regarding the establishment of a proposed social media regulatory authority.

The federal government of Pakistan has made the decision to seek consultation regarding the establishment of a regulatory authority for…

Samsung Galaxy A55 Review: Exploring Features, Performance, and Value

For many people, their next phone will be the Samsung Galaxy A55. The Galaxy A5x model is usually his second…
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