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Topbullets.comI bought Amazon Fire TV stick to convert my HD TV into Smart TV and it really worked like magic. I saved a couple of thousands of rupees with the freedom to install any app at any time. If you are looking for Smart TV, please check this option once. Yesterday, my fire tv remote stopped working suddenly. I put new eveready batteries but it didn’t work. Today I thought of consulting Amazon customer care but they provided the most predictable solution to reach to the nearest service center which would cost me up to 1500 INR excluding 2-3 days waiting time. Finally, my wife and I tried Googling it and found a solution.

Step 1: Install “Fire TV” app on your mobile. It’s a great replacement of stick remote.

Step 2: Once the remote stopped working please change its batteries. Amazon says only Duracell and Amazon batteries work so use them preferably. By the way, I used eveready batteries but they don’t last more than 40 days.

Step 3: Reset the fire tv set up. Plug out the device from the TV, put it back after 10 seconds and power on the TV. Keep pressing ‘Home’ button on your remote for 30 seconds (or till you see the notification on TV screen).

Remote TV screen

Step 4: Step 3 should work. Otherwise, go to setting on Amazon Fire TV using your mobile app. Go to ‘My Fire TV’ and do ‘Reset to factory defaults’ and then repeat step 3.

1. Fire TV Stick Guide
2. Fire TV User Guide

You can buy a new remote from Amazon (link given below).

All-New Alexa Voice Remote with Power and Volume Control for Fire TV

Fire TV Stick with all-new Alexa Voice Remote | Streaming Media Player



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