Who are these people and where were they from last 68 years – Discussion on Intolerance in India

Topbullets.comIndia is going through a completely new revolutionary period. Few intellectual people are already on street to protest against present NDA government led by Narendra Modi. Hundreds of people have already either have returned or announced to return their respective awards. While writers started the protest first Bollywood took no time to response and declared ‘National Award’ to return to the central government.

I think after Bora murder case mystery, media house founds second most important news to air from last 2-3 weeks. I have been following all newshour debates and related news very closely. I have very less knowledge about this topic but want to share whatever I have read/listened/watched over few days.

I agree that there were few incidents happened in recent month which are condemnable and unfortunate. But still these are not the new incidents which are happening first time in India. After independence riot happened in different parts of India but every time we recall only Gujarat 2002 riot. For Dadri (UP) where one guy was killed Central government was responsible but 1984 Delhi riot where Delhi government was directly involved and we ask what is 1984 riot? Even in previous government Assam, Muzaffarnagar incidents happened but no reaction from these pseudo-intellectual people.

One more thing to note most of these people signed petition against Modi after being nominated BJP’s PM candidate and asked people not to vote for BJP. Now Modi won with majority and is doing good they can’t tolerate it. These people already talked too much against India. Their articles get published in Pakistan newspaper because of hate they show for their own country which Pakistan like. Abusing Narendra Modi live on national television and saying that we don’t have freedom of speech, is so ridiculous. Definitely these people are politically motivated. Congress is working hard in parliament so that Government can’t pass any bill and outside these so called intellectual people are working day-night to defame Modi’s image. While the entire world is appreciating Modi’s effort, putting India on top and more hopeful than China, these people are doing nautanki.

If you seriously think there is intolerance in India, let’s have a debate. You can’t utter a single word in Arnab’s show but feel that there is intolerance and support #AwardWapsi. He keeps asking where is intolerance and when was this word invented but no one could answer.

I have no so called national award but I am more intelligent than these people. If I had felt that there is something wrong going on, I would come forward and would discuss with Government and would raise my concern until and unless I had some bad intentions. If I wanted India’s progress and peace, probably I would give some suggestions as well. But just by announcing and returning the award won’t let government know the reason and solution. You wanted attention you got it. Now what? Do you want solution, do you want India to grow, do you want people get employment then please God’s sake come forward and discussion with Government and tell what actions should be taken. You are harming the country’s image not just Modi’s.

And if you are politically motivated you will raise again these questions just before UP election because Bihar election is done and you have already did lot of nautanki how please save some part of it for next general election. Sharing few thoughts from opposite side:

Long list of authors, artists and scientists who have slammed Award Wapsee

Dear reader, what do you think about this #AwardWapsi. Please let me know through your comment.


Deepesh Singh


One thought on “Who are these people and where were they from last 68 years – Discussion on Intolerance in India

  1. I think the award wapasi is a programme sponsored by political motives has got nothing to do, with the common man and their problems, its a drama that is giving attention to some party,publicity to some so called Intellects, diminishing the image of India, making its Citizen Deaf by continuos spread of this word INTOLERANCE…god I’m so sick of it..😡😡😡

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