How to remove star icon from notification bar in Android Lolipop I have recently bought Yuphoria. It’s a low cost phone but having lot of features. This is the first time I am using Cyanogen and Lolipop too. There are lots of new features which I haven’t tried yet. Recently I put my phone on silent while I was in a meeting and then did normal mode. Even after normal mode my phone was not ringing while incoming calls, no notification sound. I increased the ringing volume to full, rebooted it but nothing happened. I thought phone got damaged. Then I saw a white star icon on notification bar and thought this could be the reason. I Googled it and read somewhere that this is related to ‘Interruption’ but didn’t find any perfect solution. Then I looked into my phone and fixed it.
Today I want to share the steps I followed to remove the star icon.

Step 1: You would be having a White Star Icon similar to below image and your phone won’t ring even if you keep in default/normal mode.

Step 2: Go to Settings and scroll down to ‘Sound’.

How to remove Star icon in Android

Step 3: Scroll down and go to ‘Interruption’.

How to remove Star icon in Android

Step 4: Click on the first option. You can see 3 choices. Choose accordingly. To remove the icon choose ‘Always interrupt’ and you are done.

How to remove Star icon in Android

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Deepesh Singh


100 thoughts on “How to remove star icon from notification bar in Android Lolipop

  1. I am also confused abt Which one to buy and my budget is 7000, my first preference is Yu Yuphoria bt I got confused when I read the reviews of Yu Yuphoria, mostly suggested lenovo and Xiaomi, so I just want to ask u abt your personal experience of using it.

  2. There is a short cut to remove the star Icon..

    Step 1. press the ringer button on the phone. Which you use to increase and lower the volume.
    Step 2. Press on the three lines that show up next to the volume bar on the screen.
    Step 3. Press All.. That will remove the Star Icon from the notification bar.

    TRY IT!

  3. Thanks for posting this and helping the community 😀 nice detail and easy to follow guide.
    Thanks to Priya Patankar too for the shortcut

  4. Thank u .. I lost many frndz coz of this star .. Phone rang and I didn’t notice .. More than 53 missed .. But now .. Its done .. Thanks again 😇😇

  5. Hello Deepash thank you for sharing this information. I’m in the Caribbean & recently had this problem, I called the phone company for assistance as I really didn’t know how that star icon got there. The operator had no clue what I was talking about & how to fix it . He directed me to a technician at another location but luckily I Google the information & saw you had posted the same problem I was having. I followed your instruction & everything was back to normal. I couldn’t believe it was that simple.Thank you.
    …… Tamara L

  6. Dear Sir, I have mobile phone HTC Desire 830 dual sim -model, recently
    1] sms outgoing not going,
    2] conference call not working,
    may be android application corrupted or setting changed?
    Further what we do, for this problem solve?

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