Are Indians Less Quality Conscious – Group Discussion

This is one of the favorite topics for marketing students and recruiters. We all know about Indian market and customers, so let’s have a group discussion on this topic today. First I will speak in favor of the topic and then against the motion.
Indians are supposed to be brand loyal. Various studies show that Indians are royal to the brand which they are using from last few years. We can take example of Nokia mobile, Lifebuoy, and Colgate etc.They are neither price conscious nor quality. The only thing is that they have used it, liked it and have built trust on the brand. When they go to shop to purchase the product say toothpaste, they would definitely ask for Colgate, because they know the quality. And if Colgate is not available in the shop, they would ask for another toothpaste without any name. They would accept whatever the shopkeeper suggests but in that same price range. They might not know about the new brand or may not have used it yet but still as Colgate is not available they would go with it. Another example we can put about retailer shops. In many places we can see the vendors sit beside the road to sell vegetable. The pollution, dust and traffic obviously damage the quality of food items but still we do not hesitate to purchase from them. In India we do not have super malls everywhere like Europe or US. So in this way we can say that Indians are less quality conscious.
Indian Customer -
Indian market is one the biggest market in the world and every company is looking at India. But we have to admit it that we Indian are less quality conscious. India’s largest percentage of population belongs to middle class and they hardly earn 10-15K or ($250-$270) per month. In this income one has to survive for a month, children education and house rent and various things to consume. One can hardly afford better life style. If someone even wants the rapid rise in price of Gas, Vegetables, food items and daily consumable products could not let him to have. In this era, due to follow of information and advertisement all are aware of different products, features or advantages but due to lack of income one can’t afford the same. So they live with cheaper product with less quality. But if we move to some higher income group, they are price conscious and they want to purchase branded, quality, globally acceptable products.
So we can’t say that Indians are not aware of quality. Few who live in villages, having no electronics devices like TV, mobile, computer and radio are lesser conscious but the modern India, which is connected to digital world are aware of brand and quality. So choose in which side you are and add more points. If asked then change your side and speak accordingly. Best of luck!! 🙂

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