Mu Sigma Group Discussion, Video Synthesis and Interview Round – Campus Placement

First go through this post Mu Sigma Aptitude Paper for Placement and How to face Mu Sigma Group Discussion Round & watch video
Previously I posted about Mu Sigma Placement Paper and got well respond from the visitors. The post was hit and Google keeps my post on 2nd or 3rd position. So today I am posting about the further rounds of Mu Sigma. If you have not gone through my first post please refer here – Mu Sigma Placement Paper
After qualifying the Mu-Sigma Aptitude paper, there would be few more rounds. These are Video Synthesis, Group Discussion, Case Study and then Interview. Case study was a new section. No one can predict Video clips or Mu Sigma GD topics, but you need to aware of current affairs and world economy. Let me explain one by one.
Mu Sigma Video Synthesis Round
For this round I would suggest that please watch Hollywood movie as much as you can. No matter which type, just watch. But not only Si-fi. They give video which has some message to deliver, which has some lesson to learn and I don’t think si-fi movies usually has. You need to watch movies like Forrest Gump, Good Will Hunting, Million dollars baby, Patch Adam, The Shawshank Redemption and so on. I hope you have understood what I want to refer to. We got the video clip from Patch Adam Court Room. Find video on YouTube. The video quality was very poor and but we had to bear with it.
Tips for Video Synthesis
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1. Do not summarize the video.
2. Try to bullets what you have learned with corresponding examples.
3. Try to relate your learning with Mu sigma business process.
4. Be specific. Do not write story and big example. Sort with few words only.
5. Be clear what you are writing because they would ask you in Interview.
Mu Sigma Case Study Round
Then we had a small case study. It was from Retail industry. There was a retail shop which sells few products say medicines, foods, grocery etc. And you have some data like their revenue, inventory etc. Now on the basis of those data you need to create 5 business questions. And 2nd section – Give 2-3 question which you would we want to ask and develop 2-3 business problems on the basis of those questions.
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1. Try to choose question intelligently. These problems would reflect your problem solving skills and data mining. So be specific and intelligent.
2. Few examples from my answer sheet.
a. List of doctors who prescribed medicine from our store, so that we can have collaboration with these doctors and can open store near their clinics.
b. Purchase or buying pattern of the customers so that we can arrange the store in that fashion and can increase our point of purchase.
c. Measure the strength of our customers who purchase in bulk. If it is high we can offer home delivery.
It happens that at that time you would be blank with intelligent questions but luckily I got few. But if you practice such problems you would definitely recall excellent business problem.
Mu-Sigma Group Discussion
As I said we can’t predict group discussion topics. But one thing you can do is keep reading newspaper and practice as much as can with 3-4 batch mates. You can follow my blog for
Group Discussion Topics. The topic would be general and simple. And everyone would get chance to speak. But please follow some GD rules. Watch this video and find yourself. Our GD topic was “Aam Adami Party- will it make it or break it.”
Tips for Mu-Sigma GD. How to face Mu Sigma Group Discussion Round & watch video.
1. Have patience and listen to all also.
2. Do not speak loudly and arrogantly. Be gentle and polite.
3. Do not laugh or show depression during the discussion. They keep an eye on your body language also.
4. Always try to show leadership quality, which you would find in above video.
5. Be clear and put examples also.
Mu-Sigma Interview
After got shortlisted from above rounds you would be called for Interview round. This was my first interview and the interviewer was so polite and friendly that my heart did not beat as people use to say. I was completely normal and calm and that helped me to give interview nicely. You need to be calm. It help you to understand the problems and increase your problem solving skills. There were one guy and one lady. I could not recall their names but both were very nice people.

Few questions from my Mu-Sigma interview.
1. Tell me something about yourself.
2. Why mu sigma.
3. Are you looking for off campus?
Here come technical questions.
4. You seem to be a technical guy. So write program to find palindrome.
5. Array inputs.
6. What are DBMS and RDBMS?
7. Why sql and not excel.
8. If you are employee of Flipkart, how would you design home page.
9. Write the algorithm of personalization software.
Now interesting part Puzzle and case study
10. You have 9 coins, 1 heavier. How many attempts to separate that one.
11. How many states in India. And if you need to reduce it by one, how would you do?
a. I thought it is a puzzle, I said “I will merge the boundaries of 2 states.P :P”. Then he gave a smile and said no no point out the factor you would consider. 😛 😛
12. Question related to your projects or summer internship.
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I hope this would help you. If this post or blog helped you in any way please like, share and comment. I need your love to keep this blog alive.

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Deepesh Singh



28 thoughts on “Mu Sigma Group Discussion, Video Synthesis and Interview Round – Campus Placement

  1. how can i prepare for mu sigma case study round..can you please provide me some practice questions for the same?
    thanks for sharing your was really helpful..

  2. Hello, I have one question. I registered for mu=sigma offcampus drive and i got a from them, confirming my interview. But my college is not listed in their list of colleges, can i go and appear for the drive? or i will not be allowed?

    • Hey Shreya,
      Thanks for visiting my blog. Ya you can definitely go and sit for interview. They will never ask for your college. What really matters is how you perform in pre interview & interview rounds. Prepare yourself n go with full confidences. You will crack it. My best wishes.

  3. I’ve read somewhere that they check if the candidates college is present in their list , mine is not present , should i attend the drive , i’ve to travel 40km in morning , will be a wasted effort if they send me back looking at my college ID

  4. dnt worry bro go and tell them sme random college in that list, they wont check for that. the process of interview will be unique. just go and attempt

  5. I am called for an off campus interview on 24th January, 2014 what topics should I prepare for Problem solving round & C language..??Please reply ASAP…

    • Hello Ekta,
      Are you coming ITPL campus to attend interview?
      – Problem solving or C language will be 4th round. First you need to clear Apti, Case study & video synthesis and then problem solving round comes.
      – You will be given a pseud code and you will to give the outcome with explanation.
      – It would be very basic C problem.Most probably from Array or String. But make your concepts clear on if-else, for while etc loop, 2 D array, string functions.
      – I was asked 2D array + if-else problem. It was easy but at that time needs concentration.
      Best of luck for your interview. If is it ITPL you would give your interview on 13th floor 🙂

  6. hey what should I prepare for clearing GD,case study, video synthesis round and for interview round is one week is suitable for easily clearing and preparation for mu sigma.

  7. latest pattern adopted by musigma for college recruitmet process, can u please guide me through all process,because i have been through many websites and all they say that placement procedure from 2017 in musigma has been changed, and i really don’t know what are the things they re gonna ask after apti. so please tell me the procedure of the company just after aptitude test… please respond asap….(in 2017)

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