How to Import / Synchronize Facebook contacts to Android Phone

Today I will give tutorial on “How to import Facebook contacts to your Gmail or Google account or to Android phone.” It may also them who are looking to “Synchronize Facebook contact with Android phone and Google account”. In Windows Phone, it directly fetches contacts from Facebook but in Android phone we have to do it manually. Few Android apps are there but I would suggest you to import or synchronize your Facebook contacts with this method only. This will allow you to store your contacts on Google also.

Since Android is a product of Google, it allows us to import contacts from Google (Gmail) account directly but it does not allow us to import contact from Facebook account. But there is a back door entry. Follow below steps to import your Facebook contacts to your Android phone or Gmail.

Step 1
Visit this site:
Connect to your Facebook. Allow it to verify your Facebook account. It will hardly take 1 minute to make a line of codes. Copy the codes. Open notepad on your desktop and paste the code. Now save the document as ‘contact.csv’. Please remember while saving the document, Save As Type: All Files and extension should be .csv . Save the file on your desktop.

Google Image

Step 2
Now login to your Gmail. Go to Contact and Move Down. You will find ‘Import Contacts’ option.


Click on ‘Import Contacts’. Upload the contact.csv file and wait for 1 minute. It will automatically find the duplicate contacts and will tick them all to merge. Go through and click OK. Now your Facebook contacts are merged with your Google account.

Step 3
Now you need to just synchronize or update your Google contacts in your Android phone. Go to your ‘Contact’ and then click on Option (Left capacitive button) and go to ‘Account’. You will find the below image. Tick the option “Auto-sycn app data”.


Step 4
Now click on Google account and you will find ‘Contacts’. Double Click on ‘Contact’ . It will start synchronizing your Google Contacts with your Android phone.


Step 5
Now go to contacts. You will find the updated contacts with your Facebook contacts like I am having on my Android Phone (Imported 11/14/2013). So in this way you can import your Facebook contacts to Google and to your Android phone.

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