Problem in exporting blog from wordpress to blogger (error code bx-7rv9ue)

Yesterday I was exporting my WordPress blog to Blogger. But every time I was uploading my .xml file to blogger an unknown error was repeating again and again. It was showing an error code like bx-7rv9ue. Then I found a solution. If you are also facing this problem kindly follow these steps.

1. First go to Tools of WordPress and export the blog in .xml format.
2. Save it somewhere in your system.
3. Then open this link Go.
4. Upload your .xml file to the page and convert it and then download the file from the it.
5. Now go to the ‘Other’ of your blogger settings.
6. You can see the option ‘Import’ now. Click on that and import the converted file.
7. Here we go. You have successfully transferred your blog.


Deepesh Singh


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