The Contingency

Finally after 10 days of hard work our team came up with this movie. Please watch and comment. How much you rate out of 5. Here is the message we want to give through this movie.

“Success depends just on yourself, on your belief and work. If you are determined, no one can change it. Setback is just a part of our lives. We should learn from it”

We stand 2nd in the movie making competition. But apart from this, I was so satisfied with my work. I was so happy. I am really felling like one who can at least direct some short movie. Lets see. Hope to make few more movies. Lets hope. We were given some cash as prize money and we all members went outside for dinner. All were really very happy. Nishant showed this movie to his father and told that he wrote dialogues for this movie. But his papa was more interested in acting of leading character. Abhishek, lead actor gave background sound also.
Rest please watch and comment. Here I just have pasted whatever Rahul wrote on YouTube for this movie. Enjoy.

A timeless stroll into the hearts of most if not all the engineering students of India, the contingency is about the paths you choose to reach your destination. It is about discovering yourself. Find all the hidden messages in the contingency, hope you like it πŸ™‚
Awesome Direction by: Deepesh Singh
Awesome Poetries and Dialogues by Ravi Shanker & Nishant Agarwal
Story by the Brainstormed four: Ravi Shanker, Nishant Agarwal, Deepesh Singh, Rahul Meena
Disclaimer: we have used the soundtracks of various artists in this film and have mentioned and credited all of them in the end. We do not claim to own the rights of any of the music tracks. This is a non commercial student film.


Deepesh Singh

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