Influence of Online Social Networks on our Youth – Group Discussion

Today our Group Discussion topic was – “Influence of Online Social Networks on our Youth / Effect of Social Media on Students / Social Media: Good or bad / Social network Boon or Ban”
I want to speak against Social Media. Social Media is completely wastage of time. We use to say that through social media we can get updates about our friends, from our surroundings and news from all around the world. Let me put one question. “Don’t you have digital newspaper? Is it necessary to see what you friends are updating every 5 second? Is it beneficial in any kind? ” I don’t think you will say Yes. People are becoming showbiz. They just want to show their social status and try to attract more and more people to like their pic and post. And we completely waste our time in reading and liking their post and pictures.
Social Media is bullshit.
People spend more than 70% of their day in looking at people profile and reading tweets, if they stay at home and have internet connection. I have real life example. Till 1st year we did not have internet. So we used to spend our time chatting with friends. We used to gather outside our rooms in the balcony and everyone used to share their struggle to reach this college and something interesting about their life. But after 2nd year, we hardly visit anyone’s room. We don’t have time. If our neighbor friend has been visiting Thailand, we come to know through So this kind of situation has come.
Apart from this we can’t concentrate our mind on any work, if we are working on our pc and have internet. Our mind automatically forces to open and refresh Facebook page. It has become natural. Now Facebook is making their site more addictive by making it home page for mobile phones. Now people won’t have to open browser to see their friends update. They just need to slide the home screen of their phone.
I am not saying that it is completely wastage of time but for students yes it is. There are many evidences where social media have proved its importance. But for student’s life I don’t see any. So if I am asked to give suggestion to solve this matter I would say that, “Facebook should not allow students to register. Minimum age should be 22, because till then we become graduated and devote time to this kind of thing”. After graduation people can make their profile then they can connect with their friends, as they may have relocated after college. And that could be more appropriate rather than a friend makes some update and his roommate likes the post.
In my opinion through social media, the performance of students goes down. They could not concentrate on their studies. Surveys done by experts reveals that Social Media are now depressing the students and they don’t find social importance by their friends.
Many people use to raise question, “How would we be touch with our school friends?” The appropriate answer is that “If you become successful, they will themselves introduce to you. Don’t worry. You can have their email id. And after Facebook allows you to register, join them. Not a big issue as People you know is working fine. ”
So at last I want to say that the age limit bar should be raised to 22. We should enjoy our college life with our friends. We should be in directly contact with them rather than through social media. We should gather together and share experiences and knowledge instead of liking other’s posts or pictures.
Disclaimer: The above article is written by Deepesh Singh. This is my personal thoughts. I do not any any intention to disrespect anyone’s interest or to make anyone feel bad. Please do comment if you have any doubt or cross argument. I would like to discuss.

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Deepesh Singh


14 thoughts on “Influence of Online Social Networks on our Youth – Group Discussion

    • You should mention what you think. You can give your points. I think Mu Sigma is coming to your campus. Another guy from your college also contacted me. Please share your experience about Mu Sigma papers, GD, Video synthesis and Interview.

  1. Do you use fire and electricity for daily purposes? I dont think you do. Because they can be fatal. I think you should stop using them too. Many students are discussing their educational plans like seminars, project works etc using facebook. Not every willing friend can always gather in person. I agree that most posts are stupid and all. But when two or more friends are online, they use messages of facebook and videocalls. Not only posts.

    • Dear Mr. Kapoor. I appreciate you replied to my post. But using electricity and using facebook is not comparable at all. Electricity is necessary. We have to suffer but our parents do not use facebook still they are ok. So I do not think both could be broguht to a same platform. And about study on facebook, it is just an excuse to open facebook. One can use google group, yahoo answers and other websites. Take an example of yourself. To read about social network influence you search it on Google not on Facebook. So that is the difference.

    • Thanks for your comment Harini. I completely agree with you. Meanwhile I want to quote one recent example from my life. I bought miPad few months back just for reading purpose like books, magazine, tutorial. I promised that I would not install/open FB on this pad until I get good switch and I stuck to it. I installed FB yesterday night only. My point is I was already wasting my time on mobile so I should make much use of it while using the tab. 🙂 Good luck.

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