The Contingency- First Directed Movie

One day, one of my best friends Rahul Meena came to me and put an idea of making a short movie for our cultural fest ‘Aurora 12’. Actually he already directed a wonderful movie ‘The Hostel Myth’. But this time he wanted to work with me. I instantly said “Yes ! Why not.”. That day only we both joined Ravi shankar and Nishant Agrawal in our team. And now we became a 4 members team to complete a challenge. We four took it as a challenge and called a meeting in Ravi’s room on 9:30PM.

Discussing the story

Every person was giving his own ideas. First Rahul gave a theme and Nishant a base line but after a long discussion. It almost took more than 3 hours to decide a base. Finally our baba (Nishant) came up with a wonderful idea and nice base line. Then we started working with that theme. The next challenge was to put some story behind that theme. Slowly-slowly ideas sparked from brightened mind. And finally we decide a story. My output was starting and ending scenes, for which I gave my best. So after such a brain stroming session we completed the story in the very first day.

Our next challenge was put character in the plot. So we started deciding whom we should take as a leading character. Since most of our batchmates either were busy coz of Aurora or went home. So we were left with few choices only. Suddenly Nishant named a person, whom I never was acting- Abhishek Upmanyu. But we can’t final his name before asking him or looking his expression. In our plot we needed our lead actor to have 3 expression in the same movie. So that was a little but challenging. But we took few names and decided that we would final the next day.

Nest day we went to Abhishek , and put our proposal to him. He became so glad and happily joined our team. He was so glad and so enthusiasm to be a part of our movie. He instantly came to my room and gave 2-3 shoots. We appreciate his eagerness. Finally we thought that we have our story and lead actor. Now main challenge was to give dialogue. No can do better than Ravi & Nishant. They both are genius in writing. So we kept pressure on them to give dialogue for our movie.

Here I want to write few words of one dialogue given my Nishant for the starting scene. You yourself can judge his writing skill.

“My senses choose the time to sneak the past, the moment of choices, disillusioning me into a cacophony of jargon._ _ _ _

Discussing dialogue.
With 2 days we finalized the story, few characters, requirements and the shooting locations. Just after 3 days of deciding that we should make a movie we started shooting of our movie.
It took almost 6 days to complete shooting. All members were really worked hard. Specially our lead character, which Rahul used to call protagonist and Ankita. Ankita was so busy, coz she was a member of Aurora organizers team. Instead of that, she gave us time whenever we asked. And Abhishek used to change his dress for every shoot to bring to reality. He worked hard for his expression. Watch our movie and give rate his acting yourself. Apart from them Saurabh, Ankur and other members gave their best. Finally we had our raw material of approx 4 Gb just for 15 minutes movie. So next hurdle was to complete ‘Editing’. But our luck of the best editors on our college Rahul and Ramesh, both were in our team. So it became less challenging. But work was really tough.
I am very thankful to some of my team mates expect from above mentioned characters those are Rahul Godha, Ravi Kiran, Saurabh, Ramesh, Prashant, Akshit, Ankita, Ati, Ankur, Nitish, Rajnish, Vishprakash, Ankit and 3 of my juniors. They all did a marvelous work. All of them were fantastic. I have a lot of photos and videos to remember everything during shooting and making. You can also watch the album. Go here .


Deepesh Singh


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