Should Politicians Have a Minimum Qualification – Group Discussion

Today I was reading some articles or news in The title was “How educated are our Bollywood celebrities? – Yahoo! OMG! India”. I was moving around the slideshow, then the thought came into my mind about the “Education or Qualification of our Ministers”, who ultimately run the system. If a celebrity or say actor is 5th grade pass but good in acting that fair or acceptable but if a politician is 5th grade pass and he is ruling the country then we can dream what our future gonna be. So I decided this topic for Group Discussion.
Today, our group discussion topic is “Educational qualification for Politicians” or “Should there be minimum education qualifications for politicians”. Yes of course. I want to speak in favor of this topic. First thing, India is world’s 4th largest economy and every country keeps its eye on our development. Last decade we had witnessed a growth rate of 8% annually, which really surprised the world. We have the world’s best IT infrastructure, Agricultural Land and Natural Resources. But all are run and controlled by Government of India.
If GOI has such a huge responsibility then why should not be there any qualification for them? If a 5th grade pass politician becomes PM or FM, then what kind of decision he can make? Similarly a person having no knowledge about the Monetary Policy or Foreign Exchange becomes our FM and rule the country. A person having no knowledge about Indian People, Indian History, Indian Cultural and Indian States is going to become our PM. We should acknowledge the responsibility of these positions.
To being a peon of a Government Institution we need 10th or 12th class pass student but to rule or run this country we do not have minimum qualification. In our very first class of Organization Behavior, we were being tought about the qualification of a Manager. We were told that to become a Manger we should become a Good Leader, Speaker, Decision Taker or Maker, Good Knowledge about the subject etc. I do not see any kind of these qualities in few of our ministers, yet they occupy some top most position in our system. If President of India asks me to suggest, what I can do with this system I would like to suggest these points.
1. First there should be minimum qualification of Under Graduation for being a minister at Center.
2. To become a FM, the person should posse the necessary knowledge about IMF, FC, World Bank, Monetary Policy etc. Similarly, the become Home Minister, the person should have some kind of specific knowledge about the country. This rule can be applied to every minister.
3. Before taking oath of becoming a minister there should be 6 month training like we are having of IAS, IPS officers. In that training, the candidates should be trained about Indian Policy, Future Plans, Real Ground, Truth about Indian people, the condition of our basic infrastructure, why people have selected the person, what are their responsibility, what if they do corruption in the system, what if they do their duties honestly etc. Basically they should be taught about their responsibility. In this way, a faith towards democracy would become stronger. Candidates would understand their duties and will attempt to work for the people.
Why a soldier is always ready to die for this country: Because he is being well trained. He has been taught a lesson to protect the nation or to obey the order at any cost. He takes the bullet without a second thought, then why could not our politician do their jobs honestly.
4. There should be a public debate between the leaders so that people can know that their leader would like to do when a situation comes. Yes ofcourse we can’t organize public debate for every post but at least for the Core Committee like for PM, CM, FM, DM, HM, MHRD.
At last I want to conclude with my final words that few born with leadership quality like our freedom fighters had but now in this world where money speaks no one can remain untouched with a fact that is corruption. So to avoid this and to give our country into good hands, above practices should or must be regulated by Government of India.
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Deepesh Singh


4 thoughts on “Should Politicians Have a Minimum Qualification – Group Discussion

  1. I am agree from your opinion to minimum qualifications for politicians of india.politician who take any position in government should not have any source of income from other side i.e.shouldn’t have a business.

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