How to run WhatsApp on miPad, iPad or Tablets I recently bought miPad and playing around it. The tab is working fine but there are lot of useful apps which are not compatible like Times of India, Economics times, PayTM etc. Even Whatsapp doesn’t support tablets because of its sim/connectivity problems. But somehow we can overcome this problem by following simple 2-3 steps. Here is a tutorial which will enable you to run Whatsapp on your mobile as well as on tablet.

Step 1: You should have Google Chrome installed on your tablet. I will share my miPad screens. I think all Android tablets work similarly but if not please try to find the required settings yourself or comment below.

Step 2: Open on your Chrome browser. And if you see the below screen then its a mobile website. You need to request for desktop site.


Step 3: Go to setting and request for ‘Desktop site’ as shown in the below image.


Step 4: If you are being directed to mobile/tablet site again and again then just go to settings and delete cookies/history for It will reset all your browsing history for this website. Then again try opening on your tablet.

To delete site cookies go to Setting >> Site settings >> All sites >> Search for Whatsapp >> Click on the search result (which will be some >> Clear & Reset

Step 5: Now the above link should work perfectly and you can login to Whatsapp just by scanning the QR code. This is exactly what we do for desktop version.


Step 6: Here we go. Enjoy chatting on your big screen. Please like and comment if you liked my article.



Deepesh Singh


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