Heartiest Congratulation and Big Thanks to AAP for beating BJP in Delhi Election Because I am a BJP supporter

Topbullets.comI have been following politics from last 7-8 years and I am a big supporter of BJP. During the general election 2014, I had lot of fights with my friends over BJP vs AAP and BJP vs Congress. I even wrote an article on this topic “Who would be a better Prime Minister: Narendra Modi, Arvind Kejriwal or Rahul Gandhi” and luckily in our GD during placement we had similar topic. We got personalized message from Official Narendra Modi Twitter account and we used to share lot of post, videos and articles about Modi and BJP on social media. It was a Modi wave and wherever we went or talked we used to hear about Modi only.
For voting I went home after 1.5 years and casted my vote to BJP. Finally the day came and the wave proved to be Tsunami. BJP itself got clear majority. It happened after 30 years, if I am not wrong. Modi became PM and we again started sharing Qtiyapa videos on social media.
Now why suddenly I started opposing BJP? Why I am happy If BJP loss the election in Delhi? I am happy and not afraid because India is a democratic country. When BJP came to power and no party could sit in Opposition because they don’t have the required number of seats. It’s kind of supremacy of one political party like in China. According to me that should not happen. BJP should also have a fear of losing to someone. Congress is not in mood to come back to the scenario until and unless they get rid of Gandhi dynasty. So a new party has to come, which could stand against Modi wave and could play a strong opposition and we have now AAP. AAP has promised so many things and they always tried to show the corruptions among Government and public sectors. They tried to focus themselves as a party of poor and common Indian. So let’s give them a chance. BJP is at center and in more than 6 states. So why can’t we give another party a chance. Last time AAP came they left and run away in just 49 days citing minority government. This time they have got huge number of seats. 67/70 unbelievable. Now they have to work accordingly.
I could write 40 pages essay on this. But I would like to write down the top bullets which could give better picture why being a BJP supporter I am happy with the loss.
Delhi Election - 2015
1. Needed a break-up: Continuously winnings (Center->CH->Haryana->MH->Jharkhand->J&K) could give over confidence to the party. They would start believing in Modi wave rather than work. So a break up needs to be there and now they got it.
2. More work on ground level: This loss will force BJP to focus more on ground level. Today they won Assam municipal election, which was used to won by Congress. So BJP would get a lesson from Delhi and would concentrate more in Bihar, UP and WB. These states would have election in coming years.
3. Time to fulfill promises: Modi government is now 8 months grown up baby. Now they should start showing some significant changes. Yes, I know GDP is improving. Blah blah. But general people don’t see these things. They see how many jobs you have created, roads and transport etc. So they should also work towards these rather than Nuclear and Arms only.
4. Time to stop importing leaders: Not bringing ‘Parachuting leaders in mid-way’. I read this term in some news article. BJP always believe in declaring PM & CM candidate before election. It was a known fact that Kiran Bedi would be BJP’s CM candidate. Nitin Gadkari told in a TV interview then why did she join BJP just a week ago of election. She was supporting Modi during general election. I closely followed her on Twitter. She used to twit on support of BJP and Modi. I personally think that if she had joined BJP 2 months ago the result would be different. Another point which I could make that due to sudden insertion of Bedi in the party and declaring her as CM candidate, there was some escalation in the party itself and some members did negative advertisement against party as well.
5. No more negative advertisement: Believing in negative advertisement rather than discussing future plans: BJP, do you really believe in negative advertisement? Since when? Why didn’t you talk about development, woman safety in Delhi or education? You were quite busy in abusing Kejriwal and riding helicopter. I don’t know how much efficient their election campaign was.
6. Need a secular image: Modi government needs to keep itself away from criticism. Last year many of its leader gave some unacceptable speech. I wouldn’t like to comment on them. I am also a Hindu nationalist but would not try to hurt any other’s sentiment. If BJP wants to win UP, Bihar and WB they should take care of this.
7. Identify the strength of enemy: BJP should understand the strength of local parties as well. BSP didn’t get a single seat in general election, it doesn’t mean that it has lost grounds in UP. So there are strong opponents which BJP needs to tackle and for that BJP needs to show some real work on ground rather than making bullet trains on files and papers.
There could be lot of insights which could be drawn from this election analysis and I am damm sure that BJP’s analysts are more intelligent than us. But if BJP wants me to do some analysis, I would surly love to do that. So I wouldn’t make it boring anymore. Thanks for reading. What do you think about this election? Do you support AAP? Do you think they would really fulfill the promises, they made? Do you think that Kejriwal has stopped the Modi wave? Do you think that BJP could not make it in UP, Bihar and WB election? What BJP should from this loss? Please write your thoughts below and let’s know your ideas and thoughts for BJP’s next election strategies. Thank you!


Deepesh Singh


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