Auto-Moving Website Background

Auto-Moving Parallax Background

by: Chris Coyier
Get the background of your website moving. Here we have brought the tutorial. To go to the the hosting website click here
One day I was searching for the moving background using CSS and when I goggled my question , I found this website . This website has mind blowing ideas, designs and many more. Really creative ideas come from a creative mind. Hats off for Chris Coyier Sir.
I would like to continue reading your tutorial and tips. Thanks a lot!It has totally a nice look and a great use of CSS and JQuery. Actually we are using 3 background images and let them act like mask. We run the mask background over each other, which reflects like a moving stars or background. Please see the Demo. You can see the tutorial and the hosting website also gives link to download the file for free also. So don’t be late to see the attractive and dynamic design.

Note: Here we are only sharing the thoughts and design of the corresponding Author. WebAfflatus team has not any credit for this CSS or design. Original Link for demo and website have been kept safe with the blog.


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