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Topbullets.comIn the very first day of Indian TV Advertisement Analysis, we are going go to discuss about the most Hypocritical, over rated and exaggerated TV ads ever. Somebody might have guessed it by now, if not its IIN Ad by Idea Network. This Indian TV ad got more negative critics than any other and jokes about these ads are still hitting the social media. I am sure the marketing team behind IIN are more educated and experienced persons than me but they failed to understand the Indian psychology and brought the worst TV ad ever. Here is our analysis on IIN TV ad. Before discussing anything let’s watch an ad from this series.

By the time, I took this video it got 272,366 views with 45 likes and 37 dislikes. So let’s discuss it and analysis the ad.

1. Creativity & Innovation : The first and foremost thing in an ad should be ‘Creativity’. Until and unless there is something new to offer, your ad won’t get attention. Idea has recently won award from an International committee for its green India TV ad. So they did something good in that. But talking about IIN, creativity seems to be very low. They are talking more about its feature and there is nothing new. Google and Internet are flooded with educational stuff.

2. Segmentation, Targeting & Positing : Each ad in IIN series is very segmented and targeted. They are segmenting customers on the basis of demographic factors like age & sex, income and education. You can see also that they started with targeting students, then teacher and now entrepreneur. So they are targeting their customers perfectly. But talking about ‘Positioning’, they are lacking for it. Positioning is more about how you want to present your product in front of customers. I think IIN has become joke more than a sensation. They could do better for Positioning.

3. Product Quality & Feature : Showing ad will aware your customers that you exits but until and unless you are showing them why you exits, they won’t buy it. So you have to discuss about your product quality. IIN has gone far in this category. They exaggerated their ad and want to represent their product as a replacement of whole education system. Here I want to talk about Positioning the product. They are showing that just by following IIN, one can make robot and one can open a 5 star hotel (or at least a big enough which can handle foreign customers). So this is hike. In today’s world also there are lots of free educational websites, you can watch free tutorial videos and lectures. So I don’t think there is anything new in IIN. One thing more IIN is launched few months back, but they are predicting the future of its users. One becomes scientist while someone does Hotel Management. Really? There is no solid evidence of anything but they are showing myth in the ads. They could start with basic things like learn how to cook or how to do calling etc like Airtel is doing but Idea took it to an extreme level which Indian customers couldn’t digest.

4. Emotion, Music and Connection with Customers : This is one of the most important categories. Sometime we forget daily tv ad but recall it because of its unique music or jingle like Britannia Biscuit [TIN TIN TINNIN] or comedy or humor like Virgin mobile ads. But I think IIN gives lot of reason to laugh. We remember IIN not because of these characteristics but because of irritating and over rating which is not a quality of an ad. So I thinking in this category also, IIN is lacking.

Positive Points :

I am afraid if I can write anything positive about it. I honestly didn’t use their service so can’t give service review. But talking about TV ads, there is nothing positive about it.


1. I think they should position their product properly. Horlicks launched their product positing its a complementary drink for Children, while Bournvita targeted teenage as well as youth from starting. Later Horlicks had to strived hard to target Young and Pregnant ladies. So my recommendation would be try to educate people with basic needs like how can I operate Sony LCD or a smartphone.

2. You also know that one can’t make robot just by following IIN. He has to watch videos on YouTube or have to read HC Verma for basic. So until and unless you don’t give complete solution, don’t claim for it.

3. Last but not the least, you are witnessing that how people are taking these ads so instead of pouring more money for the same, change the theme. If we can’t take one ad, how we are supposed to consume more ads based on the same theme. Get some fresh idea. Segment your customers properly and position your product specifically.

Thanks for reading my article. If you have anything to say, please comment below. Let me know if I miss something or put something wrong. I am looking forward for your guidance and areas where I can improve.


Deepesh Singh


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