15 VLC Media Player Shortcuts You Should Know About

Topbullets.comVLC is supposed to be the most used media player in the world. In my last post, I had mentioned about ‘How to…’ and got huge response from Google. Today I would like to share some shortcut and features which VLC provides. These features are very useful as most of us don’t know. The post could also be helpful who are looking for ‘How to adjust audio in VLC’, ‘How to adjust subtitle in VLC’, ‘How to control speed of subtitle in VLC’, ‘How to control speed of Audio in VLC’, ‘How to take snapshot in VLC’, ’Useful shortcuts in VLC’, ‘How to adjust Audio delay in VLC’.
1. Adjusting Audio
While watching movie we may feel that audio is not correctly encrypted. It may be delay (most of the time) or may be earlier. So you can adjust audio in VLC. Shortcut is J (to decrease audio delay) and K (to increase audio delay). The time is counted on ms (millisecond).
2. Adjusting Subtitle
Various times, we may not find suitable subtitle for a particular movie or tv serial. Though subscence.com gives the best subtitle, still we need to know this feature. To adjust the subtitle in VLC player, we can use G (to decrease the delay) and H (to increase the delay).
3. GOTO Time
While watching a movie, you may need to go somewhere leaving the movie in between. It’s better if you can pause the movie and get back soon but if not just remember the played time (left side below, above the play button). Let say it is 1:02:49. You can simply remember as 1 hour approx. So when you come back and play the movie from start, press Ctrl+T and insert value 01:00:00 and you will redirected to that location. Not very useful. You can simply drag the pointer to the specific location but to increase the count, I just added it. Ignore it. Hahhaha.
There are several others. Here is the list you can refer:




Subtitle of/off


Audio (Hindi/English/Spanish)


Mute the Audio

+ – =

Slower, Normal


Aspect Ratio


Audio delay


Decrease/Increase Subtitle delay




GOTO time

Shift+ ->/ <-

short jump (3 seconds)

Alt + ->/ <-

Short jump (10 seconds)

Ctlr + ->/<-

jump (1 minute)

Ctrl+Alt + ->/<-

Long Jump (5 minutes)



This is all from my side. If you have a new shortcut which could be useful to our reader, you can comment below. I appreciate your efforts.


Deepesh Singh


4 thoughts on “15 VLC Media Player Shortcuts You Should Know About

  1. Using the time-jump shortcuts often, I found that I didn’t really like the default jump lengths (3 sec, 10, sec, 1 min, 5 min), so I changed them.
    To do so, press [CTRL+P] ( which saves you the trouble of going to the “Tools” drop down and clicking “Preferences”). Once you have the Preferences box open, look for “Show settings” in the lower-left corner. Select the “All” radio button to get to the “Advanced Preferences”. In the list that appears on the left side, click “Hotkey settings” (under the “Interface” heading). The lowest box on the right will then be “Jump sizes”. Put the number of seconds you want each jump to be in its field, click “Save”, and Bob’s your uncle!

    That “Hotkey settings” menu can also be used to customize your hotkeys. Just double-click any “Action” in the scroll-able list (above the “Jump sizes”) and then press the new key combo of your choice.

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