Congress Government brings vacancies for Jails.

After miserably failing in terms of developments, UPA-2 Government is planning to bring a new scheme for Indian people. The committee chaired by Mr. Gandhi has proposed a bill to hire 100,000 jobless people by March 2014. These 100,000 will be sent to jail for 2-3 years and government would bear their cost. Government is considering paying them on the daily basis. Mukesh from Kanpur says, “This scheme is boon for youth like us. Getting into prison is far better than being jobless. At least we could get free meal over there.” Many people like Mukesh have got inspired and they are welcoming the Government decision. When we reached Congress Party members to know more about it, they said that the scheme is under proposal and if Sonia gives green flag, they would immediately act on this. Sources from inside say that candidate needs to fill an online form which will be free and there will be a lucky dram to pick out lucky jobless people.

UPA Govt

Mr. Digviajay Singh has also proposed AC single room for minorities whereas Mayawati has demanded double bed single room for dalits. BJP has strongly condemned the bill. Mrs. Lekhi says,”This kind of bill would bring extra burden to the Indian economy. Giving way free meal is more than enough. But we can put extra facilities like swimming pool, gym, Amusement Park inside the jail campus to attract more and more youth.” Politics is on air. But we have to wait till Congress Committee finalizes the proposal. Once PM says “Theek Hain”, Government would make it public and we would get more information about it. We would have to wait for the decision but one thing is sure there would be millions of application for few hundreds seats. And it would be easier for Government as well. We are hoping that in next year the count to jobless people would be reduced by 100,000 and this could help UPA to come into power once again.
Note: The above article is completely imaginary. Names have been taken just for references. – The Faking Times

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