Advertising is a Waste of Resources – Group Discussion

Today our Group Discussion Topic was “Advertising a waste of Resources” which was among the selected topic for GD in Mu Sigma last year in our campus.
I want to start with the definition of Advertisement. It is something a promotional act that a company does to convey a message about the product and quality. Moreover sometimes company does the advertisement so that customer can recall the product quickly while he goes to buy this. So I totally disagree with the thought that advertisement is a waste. Indeed it helps the company to create brand value in consumers’ minds.

DOve India

Let me put through an example. Dove nowadays has a brand value. But it was launched just 5 years back. Then they did advertisement and invested a lot of money. They distributed sample through newspaper. And I am lucky I have got more than 2 times. They may have wasted their resources at that time but now they are earning it back. Now the same Dove is selling their in high price and placed itself into a recognized and elite brand after they brought Katrina for the advertisement.
There are many examples. I can give examples from every company for every brand. Now the question comes why advertisement again and again. So let me clear this too. Let’s take the example of Nokia Lumia. They run a huge campaign with Windows Phone to promote their models. They invested a huge amount of money and got positive response in Indian Mobile Market. Not if they stop promoting or advertisement in India, their sales would definitely go down. We have a new model every 2nd day. No one will remember Nokia Lumia after 3 months if they stop advertisement. Some another company like HTC, Sony, and LG will take the consumer’s mind and while purchasing a product consumers will recall Sony or LG quickly. So Nokia would like to lose its royal consumers. So they have to keep advertising. Though we do not have any machine or technique to calculate the profit through advertisement but it is definitely a necessary tool to get into consumer mind.

If you go to Indian Villages, you will find people asking for Colgate instead of Toothpaste. They will ask for Lifebuoy instead of bathing soap. Why? Because the advertisements have done its work. People can easily recall the product and company gets its advantage. Colgate from last few years is in the top most position in India Brand Value. So in my opinion before launching the product company has to invest huge amount to promote the product and after launching they have to put money regularly for ads to keep the product alive in consumers’ minds. Thank you!

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