Understanding the concept of Advertisement AdStock and Importance of it in Marketing Mix Modeling

Topbullets.comAs I wrote in my previous blog that advertisement is basically nothing but a paid version of promoting your brand or product or services. Please read it here if you want to know more about advertisement and different kinds of advertisements. So companies spend millions of dollars on ads not just to make awareness of their products but also to stay in customers’ mind (retention). What is retention? Let’s discuss it today. Continue reading

Aligning Advertisement Strategy with Analysis – Case of IIN TV Ads by TopBullets.com

Topbullets.comIn the very first day of Indian TV Advertisement Analysis, we are going go to discuss about the most Hypocritical, over rated and exaggerated TV ads ever. Somebody might have guessed it by now, if not its IIN Ad by Idea Network. This Indian TV ad got more negative critics than any other and jokes about these ads are still hitting the social media. I am sure the marketing team behind IIN are more educated and experienced persons than me but they failed to understand the Indian psychology and brought the worst TV ad ever. Here is our analysis on IIN TV ad. Before discussing anything let’s watch an ad from this series. Continue reading

What is Advertisement – Concept and Inline Strategy by TopBullets.com

Topbullets.comToday I am starting a brand new category – “Advertisement Analysis”. But before starting any analysis, let’s talk about Advertisement first. Advertisement is basically nothing but a paid version of promoting your brand or product or services. Now why I am adding paid word. Actually promotion of a product can happen through many ways like publicity, TV ad, word of mouth etc. But when a company is paying some agencies to promote its product, its called advertisement. Like Companies are promoting their products during TV commercials or through banners on highways. All these are paid promotion. Advertisement can be witness in 19th century as well. But at that time only print media was available. Slowly they moved to Radio and TV. Now they are everywhere. Continue reading

Will TATA ZEST Marketing Strategy help to Regain TATA Motors Position in Indian Automobile Industry?

Topbullets.comI was just going through today’s Times of India Newspaper and found something interesting. Regularly I use to get 6-7 pages supplementary papers like Pune Times, Life etc. but today I got 4 pages supplementary of a car’s advertisement. Seriously this is completely new concept for me. The 4 pages supplementary has the same title ‘Times of India’ as the mother newspaper use to have. I was really amazed with this idea and want to express my emotions through this blog. Continue reading

Heuristic Marketing Concept – Philip Kotler

Heuristic Marketing Concept is based on the development, design and implementation of marketing programs, processes and activated that recognizes their breadth and interdependencies. Holistic marketing recognized that everything matters in the marketing – and that a broad, integrated perspective is often necessary.
So this concept recognizes every aspect of marketing and its importance. It is further divided into 4 broad sub categories. These are:

  1. Relationship Marketing
  2. Internal Marketing
  3. Integrated Marketing
  4. Performance Marketing

Heuristic Marketing - Philip Kotler

Relationship Marketing
Today in this competitive market, retaining customers is a major challenge. So every company keeps customer’s need and demand as their main priority. Companies try to establish a relationship with customers as well as its partners and suppliers which can be beneficial to the company.
Relationship Marketing aims to build mutually satisfying long-term relationship with key constituents in order to earn and retain their business.

Internal Marketing
Holistic marketing also identifies internal marketing to ensure that everyone in the organization embraces appropriate marketing principles. It includes hiring, training and motivating. It is very important to train internal people and make them able to provide world class services to the customers. Without smart and professional people in the people, marketing a good service or better product in the market is unworthy.

Integrated Marketing
One of the major tasks of marketing manager is to study marketing activities and assemble fully integrated marketing programs to create, communicate and deliver values to the customers so marketing managers apply 4 P’s of marketing: Product, Price, Place and Promotion. In case of service marketing, we have 7 P’s: Product, Price, Place, Promotion, Process, Physical Evidence and People.

o Product Quality
o Design
o Brand Name
o Service
o Warranty
o List Price
o Discounts
o Payment Period
o Channels
o Location
o Inventory
o Sale Promotion
o Advertisement

Performance Marketing
It defines the returns to the business from marketing activated and programs as well as addressing broader concerns and their legal, ethical, social and environment effects. Top management studies not about just sales and profit or revenue; they study also about customer satisfaction, product quality and standard, customer lose rate etc.
Few concepts of performance marketing:
1. Financial Accountability
2. Social Responsibility Marketing


1. Kotler, P. (2009). Marketing management. Pearson Education India.

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