How to stop/edit/change clipboard notification in Windows system –

Topbullets.comRecently, I was working on my system, jumping around different tabs and suddenly one feature got activated which I didn’t like at all. I was editing one deck and pasting values from Excel to the PowerPoint and something happened. So, whenever I was pressing Clrt+C or PrtScr, there was a pop up on taskbar stating ‘Item Collected’, ‘Delete items to catch more in clipboard’ and whatnot. It is a distraction and I don’t know why Windows even call it a feature. When I Googled my problem, everywhere I found to press Win+V or Search>>Clipboard but that didn’t help at all. Nothing came out when I went to ‘System settings’ and pressed Win+V. I am using an office laptop, maybe, administration level features are locked. I tried out a few random things and found out the solution and here I am sharing with you.

Step 1: In my case, I used to see this kind of notification or clipboard popup every time I tried to copy something.


Step2: To stop it, you open a new Word file. Go to “Clipboard” option and expand it.


Step 3: Now, click on “Option” at the bottom and deselect the last item. We are done!


Hope this fixes your problem. Happy sharing!


Deepesh Singh


3 thoughts on “How to stop/edit/change clipboard notification in Windows system –

  1. Had same here … somehow turned it on by accident but Word’s Help totally useless – completely useless – at indicating how to undo it.

    It’s almost as if Word would benefit from something that was common 30 years ago … “Lock User Preferences”.

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