How to Install genuine MS Office 365 without any cost, keygen and crack

Topbullets.comI have never understood why Microsoft office is so costly. It hardly provides 8-10 software in the package while the entire operating system is much cheaper which hosts the entire set of the system. Typically, Microsoft office costs around 300-400 INR (5-6 USD) monthly to 4500 INR yearly which is a hell lot of money. As being a cost-sensitive person, I always prefer to go with trial or open source software. But as being a professional you need to depend on Microsoft Excel and PowerPoint a lot if not other software and for that, I was looking for a solution from last few months. I tried a lot to find suitable open source and ways to crack the office but it didn’t work. Once trying to get keygen I unknowingly installed a malware and had to format my PC. So, I didn’t want to take any further risk and finally found a way to install licensed and genuine MS office.

There are multiple ways to install genuine MS office.
1. You can buy it from MS store or any online shopping website which will cost you a lot
2. You can install office 365 from your office (organization) email id
3. You can buy a license from a retail store

I will go with method 2 and then 3 as 1 is very evident and straightforward.

Method 2: Install office from your office email id

Step1. Log in to Office 365. Click here. Before installing you can read more about MS Office 365 license here.


Step 2: After you log in you can see a button on right-hand side “Install office apps”. You select the first option for quick download or can select second option to change language or custom install. Hence done you are good to go with your offline office.


picture (1)

picture (2)

Step 3: Change your account and switch to your original account. As I can’t always use my office email id to access outlook or one driver, I can easily switch to my personal account.


Method 3: Buy a license from a retail store. If you are an Indian user you can visit Snapdeal or eBay and find license at a very cheap rate.

Read my another blog on some top useful applications from Office 365 – Read here.


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