Workplace doesn’t remain work place when you have good friends around you

Topbullets.comI remember one video from my childhood where kids run for school and the lyrics was like we leave our houses early in the morning to meet friends in school. When we used to go in school bus, we used to sing this song altogether and that was a great fun. After that, I don’t think we have ever enjoyed going school or college or office. Now in this corporate world where you need to race against time and perform to be fit for the organization what remains behind is happiness. You may get satisfied with your work, appraisal or salary or a warm handshake from your manager congratulating you in front of everyone but do we really want to see them tomorrow again?

We wait for weekends like a drought hit farmer would wait for rain. We want weekends to be longer than light years and expect at least 4 long weekends. I agree that there are lot of workplaces where you get work-life balance but in India it’s tough. But here is the twist. If you get life in work, would you like to go office daily? Like those kids who wake up early in the morning run to meet their friends.

I saw many people tagging their colleague #BestFriends #BestColleague #GreatTeam but do you know what is strange about these pics? An ID card hanging around their neck! Yes, they are buddies for office work, parties and outings only. They go and party on Fridays only. But for me those who enjoy and meet on Sundays are real buddies, and with such buddies, you will never find your work place boring. Yeah, manager can be rude, you may be under lot of work pressure but you will work under a great environment where jokes will always be in air and laughs in every corner. In week days you plan for weekend and in weekend you gossip abut week days and that’s the real fun. I am glad that I have/had (confusing) such a wonderful team around me and I really love to spend time with them. Whenever I get time or excuses I visit my old office and meet them, spend the day and plan for the weekend. I wish I could be a permanent member of that team but I have to work from another office and I miss them there.

Business insider writes that if you have at least one good friend at workplace then the chances of your productivity increases and you are more passionate about work. A lot of researches have been done and it is found that people who have good friends and healthy environment tend to be more loyal to the company but managers find it tough to digest. They won’t see 6-7 friends working together but few morons who always gossip. That’s true!
What kind of workplace you are working in? Do you have real buddies or just office buddies? Comment below and let me know your thoughts. Thank you for reading.


Deepesh Singh


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