How to permanently disable VLC recent played list on dock /taskbar on Windows 8 and 10 The most viwed article on my blog till date is how to clear VLC history. I am sure we all love our privacy and can’t have a private laptop if we have friends and family roaming around. So it’s always better to take precuation to avoid unwelcomed problem. Recently I switched to Windows 10 and came across the same problem. I took help from one of my readers’ comment to write this article. If you are using Windows 7 you probably want to visit my last article “Clear VLC recent hisory“. And if using Windows 8 and above, let’s get started. You can also read my blog on sharing college proxy internet with mobile and other devices.

Step 1: If you open VLC and go to “Media”. You can see an option ‘Open recent media’ or “CLT+1” (refer below image) where you can access your recent history. We can disable it. I played some tutorial videos to take snapshot. Don’t preassume that I am a geek. 🙂 😛


Step 2: Go to ‘Tool’ >> ‘Preference’ >> Untick “Save recently played items” and ‘Save’ it.


Step 3: Now go to VLC “Media” again and you won’t see “Open recent media” option anymore since we have disabled this feature.


Step 4: But this is not the whole story. If you right click on VLC logo on taskbar you can still see your recent played videos. Refer to below image.


Step 5: We have to disable this feature as well. Now go to ‘Desktop’ and right click. You can see ‘Personalize’ option down below. Click on it and it will open a new window.


Step 6: Go to ‘Start’ and disable ‘Jump list option’ as shown in below image.


Step 7: We are done. Now go to VLC logo and do confirm before your proceed.


For windows 8,8.1 you can probably try Step 1,2 and 3 and then the below method which was commented by one of my readers but I am not sure whether it will work or not as I haven’t tried myself.

Go To taksbar–>rightclick—properties–Jump Lists—>disable both checkboxes

If it helped you please give me your love by commenting and sharing the article with your friends. Thanks a ton.


Deepesh Singh


36 thoughts on “How to permanently disable VLC recent played list on dock /taskbar on Windows 8 and 10

  1. Sorry but this method sucks, I use jumplists to pin shortcuts to my network drives, if I disable this option I lose everything! I just want to disable it for VLC ONLY!

    • mark the VLC jumplist readonly in %APPDATA%\Microsoft\Windows\Recent\AutomaticDestinations instead of disabling them all (see my comment for explanation how)

  2. Sorry but this method sucks! I use jumplists to pin my network drives to the folder Icon on the taskbar. If I use this option it disables everything!! I only want to disable VLC’s recent files!!

    • Ran into this problem too, but I removed it by going to the three dots above the search. Then going to search settings and disable search history on this device.

  3. I managed to disable VLC jump without disabling all on windows 10
    Its done by marking the VLC Jumplist read only when empty, or to exchange it with a zero length file (new textfile) and make it read only.

    How its done:
    Go To %APPDATA%\Microsoft\Windows\Recent\AutomaticDestinations
    Here are all your jumplists. Open a File in VLC and look for the file with the newest timestamp, or remove a File from the Jumplists. in both cases one (or two in my case, second one is i think the File Explorers Jump list) files get a Timestamp “now”. One of those is your VLC List. Open it in Notepad++ an look for Filenames or simply delete all items in the jump list and look which one gets smaller.
    Mark it read only e´when empty or delete it and exchange it with a “new textfile” with the same name (dont forget to delete the last .txt 🙂 and mark it read only –> Viola. No more saving new Files in THIS and only THIS JumpList!

    New Versions of VLC or jumplist related changes may cause new Jumplistfiles! so look for privacy again after updates and simiar!

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