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Topbullets.comAs far as I remember I bought this book 1.5 years back while I was in college and the moment I read his ‘Acknowledgement’, I could not dare to read it further. Actually at that time I watched a Hollywood original, Oh Yah Original movie, “Never Let me Go!” and thought of reading such kind of love story. So ended up buying this book. But the moment I read Sachin thanking Nikita and Durjoy I could not dare to turn the next page. I read one book from Durjoy – ‘Of course I love you till I find someone better’ and I didn’t like the book. All those hypocrite and exaggerated love stories where writer always shows himself a hero and a hyped love story. So I left the book in my book shelf and didn’t take it out till last night.
The article is spoiler for those who haven’t read the book. Please be warned and go ahead. I took the book out and thought of reading it. And you know what I finished the book in just 3.5 hours. I will tell you how I can finish it so quick. I will also brief the story for you. Before starting the book I read a review on Goodreads. The lady left her comment saying that she was happy to know that the girl character in the book died at the end because she fell in love with her and couldn’t feel worse for your health. I thought the book would be like the Hollywood movie only. So having a perception I started the book. I couldn’t find any resemble between the two till I found that the girl had some Asthma problem. But not so severe that we watched in the movie. I think the commenter was referring to the movie. So here the story in the brief.

“The author had a girlfriend and a best friend as his flat-mate. Both boys used to live in a flat next to their college while the girl was in hostel. One day his best friend fell in love but could not make it more than few weeks. The girl dumbed him and he was in major shock. So the author’s girlfriend started counseling him and started spending more time with him than the author. The author let them talk and spend time because the guy needed or deserved that. One day the author came to the flat without letting them know and found his best friend over his girlfriend and kissing her on lips. The author got stumped and takes 3 pages to explain the situation as a 9 scale earthquake. Then he tried to kill himself but landed up in Goa without any 2nd thought. He tried his best to forget them and recover himself. He started working in a resort where he fell/attracted to another girl. He spent few months there and then his girlfriend comes there to see him. But he started ignoring her and started fighting. The girl keeps saying that they were not kissing. But after fighting and ignoring for 2 days the author returns of Delhi leaving his girlfriend in Goa only. There he came to know that they were not kissing but his best friend was helping her and was trying to save her as she got asthma attack. The author was again shocked and left for Goa via flight now. The moment he reached Goa the girl died in hospital after struggling for life. He couldn’t even beg sorry for his mistake and considered himself as a murderer till the end. The story ended sadly.”

How I finished it in just 3.5 hours:

– The story is very monotonous and quite obvious
– Once the moment kissing scene happens the story picks up 3rd gear but in next 4 pages it falls off the road. My eagerness was what next but the author went to Goa and started enjoying his life with a friend and 7-8 chapters for his Goa visit only.
– I could not resist myself and skipped 5-6 chapters and started reading when his girlfriend showed up in Goa. So I read 80% of the book and saved my precious time for something good.

I disagree with most of the points/views of the author. Here are few:

– First of all, our parents should be our priority. They leave all their comforts to make us comfortable. They are the one who will cry and care if we get hurt. Why for a dumb girlfriend, I would suicide. Bakwas theory! It is nothing but encouraging the old fashioned Bollywood culture. Go and watch R Madhvan’s 3 idiots dialogue on suicide attempt and think of your living God before writing these kind of words. Let’s assume that these thoughts came in author’s mind but he didn’t do anything wrong, so I might be wrong here.
– The author took 2-3 pages to explain the kissing scene. That means he was there for at least 10-15 seconds before shutting the door on their faces. Who will ask this dumb author that there is quite a big difference between kissing and mouth to mouth respiration. In kissing both will act but in case of helping only one. One can easily differentiate the two things until you want to create this a big turning point in your story.
– Last but not the least. After getting well the girl comes to know that her boyfriend has a big misunderstanding and in a great shock that he has left the city for months. Even his parents have no idea where he is right now. Then she comes to know that the guy is in Goa. Now think of yourself – if a couple is in so much love then what will be her reaction. She will immediately leave for Goa and hug him and will clear the doubt. Right? The first part was there but not the second and third part. The girl spends 3-4 days there with the author. They started loving scene also, tearing her top but could not get time to say a single line that that was not a f***** kissing scene but a rescue. Oh bullshit! I don’t buy it. If the girl instead of keep fighting and making love scene says directly these 2 sentences the end could be different. But the author doesn’t want to have a happy ending here so he just twisted the story without any base.

There are lot of flaws in the story. Going forward I have blocked these Delhiites writers and won’t read again such bullshits. The original, that’s why I was using the word original, was more romantic and authentic. This book is just an Indian Bollywood baseless masala story nothing else. If you have read the book what’s your review and thought. Let me know in the comment box below. And a big thank you for reading my bullshit. Enjoy your evening.


Deepesh Singh



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