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Topbullets.comHello Friends!
I always try to write on random topics. I started writing about technical and programming, slowly moved to Economics & Marketing, then Interviews & Current Affairs. I really appreciate all my visitors who praise my work and share their love. As I have done MBA in Marketing and now I am working in a Data Analytic company, I have keen interest towards analyzing the things like brands, their marketing strategies and other stuff. I have written many articles on these topis.

Few are:

Going forward, I am adding a new category – “Advertisement Analytic”. Yes! We would review the ad on the basis of few factors. Will give rating and recommendations. We will learn things from the ad like creativity, concept and other USP. Let’s try this. I hope we will get a chance to learn lot of things. I am looking forward to it.

And a kind request to my readers including International Audience, kindly let me know your feedback, your comments and thoughts. So let’s start today itself. I will try to post 2-3 posts each week. Thanks for your support.


Deepesh Singh


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