Employee gets tears when his leave application on Diwali gets approved

Topbullets.comSuresh has been working in an MNC in Bangalore from last 5 years. He is a Senior Project Manager and leads a team of more than 300 employees. “Working in an MNC is really a tough job”, Suresh said when we approached him. “We need to work at night to match US time zone and use to work on Day to meet Asian clients’. Sometimes we need to come at 12 am and work till 9 am to meet Japanese time zone”. It has been found that they even don’t get holidays on weekend. “Yes, that’s true. We work on Sunday as well because in Nepal it’s a working day on Sunday there.” Suresh told us.
Bharat, a Hyderabadi resident is working in an MNC had tears when his HR approved his leave on Diwali. “I almost forgot what Diwali is like. Friends use to post videos on YouTube and Facebook of firewalls and crackers and I use to celebrate by commenting on those videos sitting in the office desk at 1 AM.” Bharat narrated his story. “But this time I dared and applied for leave on Diwali and they accepted. I am very happy. Now I can spend at least one public holiday with my friends and family.”
Bharat was so happy that he posted the approval letter on Twitter & Facebook. His status got 3280 likes and 4387 repost, till we saw last time. Many people are commenting like what the subject line was and in which company you are in. While hundreds of people are busy on posting and commenting on Bharat’s post, many came on street on Monday, demanding holidays on Diwali and Dussreha.
In a special note, employees working in MNCs who belong to Bihar hold a special meeting with State CM to approve holiday on Chhatt (a traditional puja special in Bihar and East UP) also.
There have been many incidents in India where we can easily find people working on public holidays. We also tried to get comment on this issue from politician. “That’s why we opposed FDI.” a Trimool Congres leader said after meeting MNC employee outside Microzon office Bangalore. “If we come in power we will bring bill for compulsory holiday on Monday also because Chota Bheem comes on Monday”, a senior mongress leader commented when we approached.
Politics is in air but what about the life of people like Suresh and Bharat. Working in an MNC is like leaving in US. We have not got comment from MNCs yet.


Deepesh Singh


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