My experience with Entropay to purchase domain on WordPress

I have been running this blog from last 2 years but I was having the subdomain only. I used to write on current affairs and some software and PC problems. 1st 1.5 years I got hardly 400-800 hits per month. But after writing few articles on current affairs topics like some essays on FDI, Social Networks and some placement papers, my blog started getting traffic. I was very happy with the response and wrote more on some new topics. My blog was hit in just last 5 months. It got average 6500 hits per month.

Entropay -

Then my friend Rahul Meena suggested having custom domain. I check for wordpress premium domain and found it would cost $18. But the problem came when I was unable to pay. I had not either paypal account (active) or credit card. Then he told me about Initially I was little bit scary about this idea. I was concerned about security and all. But after reading reviews online and checking out few blogs, I dared to make account on Entropay and paid $5 for testing. It was very easy and quick. Instantly I got a Virtual Credit Card and everything.
Then I tried to add this credit card to my Paypal account but it cost me $3.1 and I left with $1.90 only. Adding credit card to PayPal was a mistake. We can make payment through this virtual card only.
Then again I put $18 to my Entropay and purchase this domain with it. It was simple and very quick. Within 5 minute I had a custom domain, email address and a new beautiful blog.
I am very happy and satisfied with Entropay services. But one thing that pinned me down is that adding credit card to PayPal account, they charged me $3.1 without any prior information.  

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Deepesh Singh
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