Are Bureaucrats being victimized by Politicians – Group Discussion

Today Group Discussion topic is “Suspension of Durga Shakti Nagpal, IAS: Are Bureaucrats being victimized by Politicians”.
This topic is now a days very hot for discussion. We have learnt through various news sources about this news. Looking at the facts, I would like to say that ‘Politicians are misusing their power and ultimately Bureaucrats are victimized.’
Durga Sakti Nagpal
The ground fact the Akhilesh lead UP Govt. has put that she was trying to demolished a Mosque wall, which could create riots. But after an investigation it was found that fact was totally wrong. The real fact behind this suspension was the Sand Mafia, which is a closed alia of Politicians. Politicians and this mafia are running our country. Last year we had witnessed a case in Morena, MP, where a sand mafia driver killed an IPS officer. We have seen case of Robert Vardra. An IAS officer was trying to investigate this land deal but he was transferred again and again. Then a case of similar kind came from Jaishelmer, where an IPS officer wanted to open a history book of a suspected but his son an local MLA transferred his to IPS Training School. So there are many cases which are clearly supporting the fact that Politicians are misusing their power for their own benefits.
I have read many newspaper and articles, but what I have understood that UP Govt. was totally wrong. They should not do politics with these honest officers. Our country is struggling and we Indian want to see our country as a developed nation. Corruption has spread all over the system. So if our politicians and bureaucrats work honestly then our nation would be among developed nation in the world. I hope that that day would come very soon. Thank You!
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