Cultural Shock and Its Stages

The term cultural shock is used to describe the emotional and physical discomfort a person suffers when moving to a completely new environment. Individuals often experience a lack of direction, a feeling of not knowing what to do or how to handle things, how to react. Cultural shock is a natural phenomena and human response to new cultural experiences.
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Cultural shock

6 Stages of Cultural shock

All stages can be put on XY axis. X axis denotes the ‘Time spend’ and Y axis is the ‘Satisfaction label’. The stages can be put on W shape as shown below.

1. Honeymoon stage
2. Crisis or Frustration
3. Adjustment
4. Mastery
5. Reverse cultural shock
6. Acceptance & Adjustment

A beautiful example was given on Internet. I just want to show it.

Honeymoon Stage
The individual after going to a new place enjoys the surroundings. He is so excited to visit the new place. He tries to overlook the small problem and tries to learn the things. The new comer will be so much impressed with the culture, tradition and the people. In short he is enjoying his stay. He takes the differences curiously.
This stage will be like honeymoon but not for a long time. Slowly and steady, it become frustrating. The individual finds difficult to learn the things, to adopt the culture. Life becomes tough. One tries to be isolated and seeks for home. They miss their home town and the people they were living with. One needs full family support at this stage.
But if a person has to stay there for a long time, he/she to learn the things. The individual starts learning local language, start liking the foods available. Now, instead of disliking the things, he/she starts liking them. The individual is determined to bear all the troubles.
Soon or later, he adopts everything. Now he gets friends and neighbors. The life is no more boring. He enjoys his stay and treats himself a local person. At this stage he completely forgets about his home town. He likes the culture, people and foods.
Reverse Cultural Shock
When after finishing his job or study, when he returns to his home town, the things become new to him. So this is reverse cultural shock. One does not expect these kind of things. He compares the culture or tradition with the visited place. He becomes bore at home. He gets no friends earlier. So life suddenly changes for him. He is new to his own place. People do not understand his feelings.
Acceptance & Integration
Later, when he realizes that he has to live at this place. This is his native land, he starts accepting the change. But he always tries to integrate the things. He tries to do the things in a different way. So at this stage he educate the local people about the foreign cultural or tradition.

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