System Requirements for MS SQL Server

Minimum Hardware Requirements

MocroSoft SQL Server

Now a days .NET has earned so much popularity. ASP.NET has brought a great change in Website Designing. It gives a lot of tools, AJAX and many features. All tools are easy to use and easy to modify. One button click makes your website more attractive. But without database, we can’t imagine of a complete web project. So, we use MS SQL server for ASP.NET like MY SQL for PHP. The pages formed has a extension of .asp or .aspx (Active Server Page). Now the question aeries , Can we use .NET or it would require some different platform or Operating System. Dear friends, we all know that Windows is the most popular OS and .NET is also owned by the same company. So no problem for them who has Windows , rest I do not know.

Let’s talk about the minimum requirement to have SQL server. When developing a hardware specification for your SQL Server it is important to consider the load the server will be under, especially if it is to be used in a production environment as a below specification server can cause poor performance.

When specifying your SQL Server hardware requirements always consider the following:
The size of the database;
Number of concurrent users;
Transaction throughput;
The operations that will be performed on the databases.
Minimum SQL Server Hardware Requirements
The following are Microsoft’s © recommendations for the minimum SQL Server hardware requirements.

Component Requirement
 Computer & Processor  >>Processor type:
        Itanium processor or faster
>>Processor speed:
        Recommended: 1.0 GHz or faster
 Operating system  2 GB of RAM
 Hard disk  10 GB of available hard disk space for a complete installation including the operating system and all prerequisite software. The hard disk must be NTFS formatted.

** This all data have been collected from many site. Though I do not personally guarantee for accuracy.


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