How to Modify Motif Theme WordPress Tutorial Part 1

Topbullets.comIn this tutorial I am going to explain how to design or modify the front page of ‘Motif Theme’ of Motif Theme is one of the attractive, dynamic and free themes in but many people get confused how to edit it. So with this tutorial you would learn to apply and edit the front page.
Motif Theme Demo– Visit Website
Step 1: First go to Dashboard<<Appearance<<Theme and Apply the ‘Motif Theme’. Continue reading

How to Reduce Broken Links on WordPress Blog

Topbullets.comEveryone wants to get shared his articles on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ countless and so we put sharing button below our post. But we never care of SEO kind of thing. When I check my website through I found very disappointing results. So I want to share my experience and how to solve these issues. First of all you should be aware of broken links and how it affects your Google ranking. Read this article for more details.[ Google is particularly specific when it included in its webmaster’s guidelines used by your search engine optimization company, to “Check for broken (dead) links and correct HTML” in your website. While it doesn’t hurt to have a few dead links, it will definitely reduce its rankings drastically if there are excessive dead links on your website.#COPIED] Continue reading

How to Disable Reblog on WordPress

WordPress has brought a new feature to ‘Reblog’. This facility provides you to reblog the article on your blog without author permission. Anyone can reblog your post on their blog. But it has its own advantages. You could get more traffic. But it could be disadvantage for you too. Traffic from your website could go to their website, if they have higher Google Page Rank. So it is ultimately exchange of traffic. But one should be beware of such thing. They would take complete credit for your work. So after lot of complains WordPress has brought an option to disable it. Follow this post and you would find the solution.
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Step 1: By default, ‘Reblog’ is activated on your blog. You can see this icon on every page or post.

Reblog Image - Deepesh Singh

Step 2: Go to dashboard<< Sharing

Step 3: Scroll below and find the option to disable Reblog Button.

Step 4: You are done!

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Problem in exporting blog from wordpress to blogger (error code bx-7rv9ue)

Yesterday I was exporting my WordPress blog to Blogger. But every time I was uploading my .xml file to blogger an unknown error was repeating again and again. It was showing an error code like bx-7rv9ue. Then I found a solution. If you are also facing this problem kindly follow these steps.

1. First go to Tools of WordPress and export the blog in .xml format.
2. Save it somewhere in your system.
3. Then open this link Go.
4. Upload your .xml file to the page and convert it and then download the file from the it.
5. Now go to the ‘Other’ of your blogger settings.
6. You can see the option ‘Import’ now. Click on that and import the converted file.
7. Here we go. You have successfully transferred your blog.


Deepesh Singh