How to Install genuine MS Office 365 without any cost, keygen and crack

Topbullets.comI have never understood why Microsoft office is so costly. It hardly provides 8-10 software in the package while the entire operating system is much cheaper which hosts the entire set of the system. Typically, Microsoft office costs around 300-400 INR (5-6 USD) monthly to 4500 INR yearly which is a hell lot of money. As being a cost-sensitive person, I always prefer to go with trial or open source software. But as being a professional you need to depend on Microsoft Excel and PowerPoint a lot if not other software and for that, I was looking for a solution from last few months. I tried a lot to find suitable open source and ways to crack the office but it didn’t work. Once trying to get keygen I unknowingly installed a malware and had to format my PC. So, I didn’t want to take any further risk and finally found a way to install licensed and genuine MS office. Continue reading


How to create CSS HTML Table from MS Office Word

Topbullets.comToday I was writing a blog and I needed to insert HTML Table in the article. It takes a lot of efforts and knowledge of different CSS to create beautiful CSS HTML Table. I have knowledge about different websites which provide free CSS code but today I tried it in my own way. I liked it and it hardly took 2 minutes to create a wonderful CSS HTML Table without knowledge of CSS. You just need to know 3 basic things that is 3 html tags. html, head and body. 🙂 Let’s do it. You will certainly like it. It would be more fun if you have command over MS word and table designs. Please check below steps and images. Continue reading

Able2Extract – Inc Software Review

I was going through a software called Able2Extract. This software provides you an easy conversion of your pdf or txt file to many formats like to word, to ppt, to excel, to image. I was using the software and it was quite easy. Here I am providing a brief review of my experience with Able2Extract Software.
First thing first, you can get a trail pack of 7-15 days with full access. So that is very important because you are going to put money for this and what you need if company is providing full version free for 7 days. Download Trail version here.

Installation & System requirement:

It was easy I installation. It takes hardly 2 minute and less than 50MB space in your drive.
• Windows 8, 7, Vista, XP – x32 or x64 editions
• Intel Pentium processor or equivalent
• 512+ MB of free memory available
• 100MB of hard-disk space for program installation

Interface & usages:

The UI is quite beautiful and all tools are placed right in front of your screen. You would not need to navigate deep inside menu to find a particular tool. One needs to select a particular area which you want to be converted. If you want entire document to covert to word then click Cltr+A or click on ‘All’ and choose your option. One thing that I loved too much is ‘Batch Conversion’. Just select as much files as you want to click on Convert. Your all documents will be converted one by one. You do not need to select one by one. That’s easy and useful.
Everything runs very smoothly. It is faster also. You would definitely love it. One more thing that I liked too much is that it can also convert protected pdf. Suppose you have some pdf which does not allow copying content, due to some privacy settings, then just convert it to word and copy whatever you want.

Some Drawbacks:

1. It can convert only PDF and TXT file. It needs to provide option to convert word or excel or ppt to pdf or to image.
2. Price is too high. Do you really need premium software, when everything is free?

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