How to run Windows 8 Apps (Modern UI) Store behind College Proxy server.

Today I have made a video on “How to configure your PC setting to run Windows App Store and Apps behind College Proxy Wall” or “How to Enable gpedit.msc to windows 8 to rum Windows App Store” or “How to setup a proxy for Modern UI (aka Metro) Apps in Windows 8”. I am using college internet. And I need to enter my username and password when I connect my pc with internet. But Windows App Store won’t run directly. For that you have to make some changes in your PC setting. Windows 8 App Store does not use your Internet or Explorer Internet Setting.

If you are trying to run internet in your Windows 8 Phones then Visit here.

Before watching the video please install CC Proxy and Enable Loop Software. To download the software, visit here. ZippyShare
You can download from here also. EnableLoopbackUtility.exe and CC Proxy
If you don’t have gpedit in your PC then download and Paste it to “C:\Windows\System32”. Download gpedit.msc
In the tutorial, I have explained how to do the CC Proxy settings. Just watch the video and follow the steps.

Watch the video and follow the instructions accordingly. Play it in HD.

You should have these software. Download them and install. Remember that when you start your PC you will need to run the CC Proxy every time and after installing any Windows App you will have to run the Enable Loop App. Click Exempt All and then Save changes.

CC Proxy


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Enabling and Customizing Desktop Gadgets in Windows 8

Today, I am gonna tell you how to enable Desktop Gadgets in Windows 8. As in the previous OS in Windows 7, Gadgets were already enabled. Just do right click on the desktop and you get the Gadgets option. But in Windows 8, it’s not activated. We have to activate it. So lets do it. Watch the below video and follow the steps as well.

Download link:



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