Microsoft offers free Windows Phone OS to Indian Manufacturer

Microsoft is soon going to slash its license fee for Windows Phone. Launched 2 years back with great hip-hop and a lot of advertisement, Windows 8 phone could not stand up to that remark. It still stands 3rd in line. A report says that if 5 smartphones are sold in the world, 4 are from Android and Apple comes 2nd. The smartphone market in the world is increasing at a rapid speed and every phone maker wants to catch it. Android provides open source platform to the manufacturer and that’s why the android phone costs very low. In India, android phone costs around $50 only. Meanwhile Windows use to charge $20 to $35 just for operating system and phone’s price goes up. Even the basic phone of Nokia Windows 8 comes in $150 in India. Continue reading

Connect to Internet in Windows 8 Phone under College Proxy Server

Today I am writing on “How to configure your Windows8 Phone internet settings behind College Proxy Wall” or “How to connect to internet under college proxy in your Windows 8 Phones″. Internet Settings in “Lumia 920, Lumia820, Lumia720, Lumia520, Lumia1042, Lumia925,HTC”
Many of my friends have got Windows 8 phones. Phone is great but without internet smartphones are dead. They are just like budget phones except games. So internet is must. And you will regret more if you are in college and have proxy settings in your college. In laptop you can connect to internet through proxy setting and LDAP ID and password but there is no such facility in Windows 8 Phone. So I am bringing here a solution. How to Make Wi Fi HotSpot on Laptop to share internet Continue reading