How to permanently disable VLC recent played list on dock /taskbar on Windows 8 and 10 The most viwed article on my blog till date is how to clear VLC history. I am sure we all love our privacy and can’t have a private laptop if we have friends and family roaming around. So it’s always better to take precuation to avoid unwelcomed problem. Recently I switched to Windows 10 and came across the same problem. I took help from one of my readers’ comment to write this article. If you are using Windows 7 you probably want to visit my last article “Clear VLC recent hisory“. And if using Windows 8 and above, let’s get started. You can also read my blog on sharing college proxy internet with mobile and other devices. Continue reading

How to disable file search or indexing in Start Menu

Few of friends, who follow my blog have complained about a problem in the comment box of “How to permanently disable VLC recent played list on dock” that even after disabling VLC history when they do search on start menu, video can be seen. So here is solution. Actually it is not with VLC playlist of history. It is a default feature of Windows. When we type something in Start Menu, it start searching everything in our PC. It could be Files, Document, Software, Application etc. Here I am searching for “Bigg Boss Video”.

Start Menu History Disable

Since VLC is default player so there is a sign of VLC icon. Now we will disable this feature. Follow these steps.
Step 1: Type Services.msc on Start Menu as shown in the image below and open it.

Start Menu History Disable

Step 2: Now search for “Windows Search”. Right click and go to ‘Properties’

Start Menu History Disable

Step 3: Disable Start Up type. Select ‘Disable’. Click Apply and then OK.

Start Menu History Disable

Step 4: Now restart your PC and search “Bigg Boss”

Start Menu History Disable

As you can see in the above image, Bigg Boss videos are there in my PC, but they are not been shown at Start Menu. But Disabling Windows Search has its own consequences so do what actually you need to.

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How to permanently disable VLC recent played list on dock /taskbar

Many people use VLC Media Player and I think everyone likes privacy also. But in Windows 7 or Windows 8, VLC somehow violate your privacy. You play some videos and delete from recent played list from VLC Preferences but it is not enough. If you right click on VLC icon on the dock, you can see all recent played items. So privacy sucks. Here is the solution. If you are using Windows 8 or 10, jump to my new article to disable VLC history on Windows 10.

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