How to face Mu Sigma Group Discussion Round

Topbullets.comMy previous blogs about Mu Sigma Placement Papers and Mu Sigma Group Discussion, Video Synthesis and Interview Round – Campus Placement got very positive response. Both got almost 15000+ tips in just few months. Google keeps it on top and I am excited to post about ‘How to face group discussion round in Mu Sigma’. As I have posted earlier about the the tips and suggestion about Group discussion in my previous blog ‘Mu Sigma Group Discussion’, today I am sharing a video from YouTube for reference. The video explains each and every thing precisly. It will be really helpful to you. Continue reading

Mu Sigma Group Discussion, Video Synthesis and Interview Round – Campus Placement

First go through this post Mu Sigma Aptitude Paper for Placement and How to face Mu Sigma Group Discussion Round & watch video
Previously I posted about Mu Sigma Placement Paper and got well respond from the visitors. The post was hit and Google keeps my post on 2nd or 3rd position. So today I am posting about the further rounds of Mu Sigma. If you have not gone through my first post please refer here – Mu Sigma Placement Paper
After qualifying the Mu-Sigma Aptitude paper, there would be few more rounds. These are Video Synthesis, Group Discussion, Case Study and then Interview. Case study was a new section. No one can predict Video clips or Mu Sigma GD topics, but you need to aware of current affairs and world economy. Let me explain one by one. Continue reading