How to insert Table of Content for Figures, Charts in Word 2007,2010,2013

Today I am going to give a tutorial on “How to create List of Charts, Tables, Figures”. The solution can also help you to insert multiple Table of Contents in a single doc. Follow the steps and create table of contents for charts, tables and figure easily. It can also help people looking for creating table of content for charts and figures.

Step 1: Insert any Figure in your doc. Select the image and go to “References”. There you will find “Insert Caption”. Click on that. Follow the image below.

Pic 1- Deepesh Singh

Step 2: You will find a new window open. Select the “Label”. You can choose Figure/Table or can make your own by selecting “New Label”.

Similarly you can add multiple images or figures and can add caption to them. Please remember that you should not change the “Caption Title”. It would automatically take Figure 1, 2, 3….. After inserting the caption, you can manually edit the title.

Step 3: Insert a table and edit it accordingly. Click inside the table and go to “References” then “Insert Caption”. Now select “Label Table”. You will see that it has taken “Table 1” as its caption. If you insert 2nd table, it would take “Table 2” and so on.

Step 4: After adding Caption to each and every Table, Figure, Chart or whatever, we will insert the Table of Content for all these. Go to that page, where you want to insert your Table of Content. Go to “References” and Click on “Insert Table of Figures”.

You will find the option to insert either Tables or Figures or a New Label, if you have created. You can also Modify the Design such as Font size, color, Font Family. Now Select Label and Modify then Click OK.

If you want to update your table of content then just Insert Table of Figures once again. You will get an option to delete the older one. Just delete the older one and get the updated Table of Figures.


Deepesh Singh