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Topbullets.comI get some raw data through email every day. Now when I want to do some analysis on the data I need to go through the inbox, search for that particular data and then download it to local. The process is very tedious. Now I am very happy that I have got rid of this manual process. Kudos to Google! I want to share the tutorial with very basic code. One can easily leverage the VBA code to write some complicated criteria and enhance it further. Here I am using snapshots from Outlook 2013 but have tested the feature in 2007 and was working fine. Without talking too much let’s start. Continue reading

How to insert VBA Calendar or Date Picker Add-in in Excel 2010 Today I got a challenge to provide a new function in Excel dashboard. I am not an expert in VBA and have very less experience but it’s fun doing coding in VBA. It makes excel function so simpler that I really loved it. My few lines of code helped me to reduce 3 hours manual work to only 5 minutes. Thanks to Microsoft for providing such a powerful tool. Continue reading

Microsoft offers free Windows Phone OS to Indian Manufacturer

Microsoft is soon going to slash its license fee for Windows Phone. Launched 2 years back with great hip-hop and a lot of advertisement, Windows 8 phone could not stand up to that remark. It still stands 3rd in line. A report says that if 5 smartphones are sold in the world, 4 are from Android and Apple comes 2nd. The smartphone market in the world is increasing at a rapid speed and every phone maker wants to catch it. Android provides open source platform to the manufacturer and that’s why the android phone costs very low. In India, android phone costs around $50 only. Meanwhile Windows use to charge $20 to $35 just for operating system and phone’s price goes up. Even the basic phone of Nokia Windows 8 comes in $150 in India. Continue reading

Getting Started with Windows 8.1 Vs Windows 8

Last year Microsoft launched its most awaiting Operating System Windows 8 and it went viral to the youth. Through all promotion and advertisements, Microsoft wanted to influence the youth to go for Windows 8 PC and Mobiles. They positioned their OS and targeted youth. But after getting feedback from public they made some changes and brought Windows 8.1
Here are some features which are added in Windows 8.1. (Windows 8.1 vs Windows 8)

1. The Microsoft Start Icon, which is its identity was missing in Windows 8 and many people who are not much aware of touch pad pc, complaint about it. Now in Windows 8.1, we have the icon back.
2. Now you can directly go to the desktop, instead of clicking on the Desktop Tile.
3. Now, you will feel more advanced search which search not only in your desktop but also in your Sky Drive.
4. Snaps more apps more better multitasking.
5. More customized tiles.

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