Never Let Me Go – Story by Sachin Garg and review by

Topbullets.comAs far as I remember I bought this book 1.5 years back while I was in college and the moment I read his ‘Acknowledgement’, I could not dare to read it further. Actually at that time I watched a Hollywood original, Oh Yah Original movie, “Never Let me Go!” and thought of reading such kind of love story. So ended up buying this book. But the moment I read Sachin thanking Nikita and Durjoy I could not dare to turn the next page. I read one book from Durjoy – ‘Of course I love you till I find someone better’ and I didn’t like the book. All those hypocrite and exaggerated love stories where writer always shows himself a hero and a hyped love story. So I left the book in my book shelf and didn’t take it out till last night.
The article is spoiler for those who haven’t read the book. Please be warned and go ahead. Continue reading