Why Myntra has Chosen to go APP only – Analysis by TopBullets.com

Topbullets.comThere is a buzz all around eCommerce industry about Myntra’s decision to close the website and forcing customers to download app. Today we will discuss, “Why Myntra has taken decision to go app only”. Before going forward, I want to share that I have been using Myntra from last 4 years. Actually I started online shopping with Myntra only in 2010-11. At that time we used to get huge discount like 250/- off on 1000 INR and other attractive offers. Today also Myntra is my first choice whenever I think of buying clothes. The most common reasons are price and variety which you won’t get in retail shops.

Now this month Myntra moved to APP only based platform. They would close down their website. So customers can now purchase through APP only. Myntra was doing good in the market, was way ahead of its competitors like Jabong and Snapdeal in terms of traffic and revenue, then why did they close their desktop business. I read various articles, talked to my friends who are developers in this industry and analyzed the things. Here is the key points that I want to share with my readers in this story. Read also Discount coupons & Online shopping
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How to Add Author Name And Your Profile Picture in Google Search

We spend lot of time and labor to write an article and share it with the world. But most of our viewers do not try to read out about us or about the author. Now Google has brought a new technology which shows Author name below the article headline. Viewers can see your image and can read your Google+ profile briefly. Below image is an example.

Deepesh Singh - Google Search

It is very simple process, takes 1-2 minutes to activate your Google Authorship Profile. Follow these bullets and make your visible to the viewers on Google Search.
Bullet 1: Visit https://plus.google.com/authorship.
If you have an email address like deepeshsingh@topbullets.com then just put the email address on the box, which you will find on the above link. Remember the email id should be your website address. It can’t be @gmail.com or @yahoo.com. If you own example.com then you must have to enter john@example.com. Within 2-3 minutes you will get a verification mail to your inbox just click on that and update your Google+ account’s contribution section.

Bullets 2: If you don’t have any custom website or custom email address then don’t worry. Google has another way to make you a verified author.
Visit this site https://support.google.com/webmasters/answer/1408986?expand=option2. Click on Option 2: Set up authorship by linking your content to your Google+ profile
Follow what it says.
1. Go to your Google+ account. Profile<<About<<Link<<Edit Contribution

Deepesh Singh - Google Search

2. Now place Author Name on your article page. You need to put this link to each and every article.
Deepesh Singh - Image

Like I have pasted the below link to this article.

Bullet 3: Now visit http://www.google.com/webmasters/tools/richsnippets. And paste your web page link to the box. It will show you the result. Do it yourself.

Read all the instruction and follow them. Now you are done. Wait for 5-6 days. Google takes 5-6 days to index your web page. Once Google is done it will start showing your name as mine is showing in above picture.

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