Connect to Internet in Android Phone under College Proxy Server

Earlier I posted “How to configure your Windows8 Phone internet settings behind College Proxy Wall“, which got good response. But as I am using Android Phone, I thought to post about Android Phone also. It is similar to Windows Phone setting.
Today I am writing on “How to configure your Android Phone internet settings behind College Proxy Wall” or “How to connect to internet under college proxy in your Android Phones″. Internet Settings in “Samsung Grand, Xperia, Micromax and other Android Phones”. “How to run Google Play Store under College Proxy Wall”.
Android Phones are great but without internet they are dead. They are just like budget phones except games. So internet is must. And you will regret more if you are in college and have proxy settings in your college. In laptop you can connect to internet through proxy setting and LDAP ID and password but there is no such facility in Android Phones. So I am bringing here a solution. Continue reading