Uttarakhand flood disaster: Act of Human or Nature – Group Discussion

Today I was reading some articles and found a wonderful topic. So I though, it could be our Group Discussion Topic and I selected this. The topic is “Uttarakhand flood disaster- Act of Human or Nature”. In last month of July 2013, we witnessed of the deadliest flood in North India that ruined more than 5000 lives and many bridges, houses, hotels. As I have not visited to Uttarakhand yet I want to support the fact that we can’t help when Natural acts come into picture. I want to speak in favor of Natural Act.
Uttarakhand Flood-Deepesh Singh
Earlier I thought of speaking against Nature and was trying to blame Human but after reading an article in Economics Times, I changed my mind and found some crucial points which I want to put today.
Uttarakhand: “Devo ki Bhumi” means ‘The land where God lives’. The state is full of natural resources like water and there are many temples as well. The main source of income for this state is Hydro Power and Tourist. The flood we are taking about is of June 2013. It claimed many lives. More than 5000 are feared dead or missing. Many dead bodies came floating in Ganga River. It damages an estimated property of 3000 Crore, which include infrastructures like Roads, Bridges, hotels and many villages. People are blaming Human Act. We people think that Government makes Dams, Drill Mountains to make tunnel and roads, which weaken the mountains and landslides happen, true and they have to. We use electricity which is essential for us. If we oppose the Government decision on dams, then we should stop using electricity. We argue that we can make Solar Power station but it requires lot of barren land and an army of workers to clear the plate regularly, which it costly.
1st point that people make is about dams. They use to say that dams caused the flood. Indian states like Uttarakhand, Arunachal Pradesh, and Himachal Pradesh are full of water resources. Their geographic strictures make human easy to make dams and the current or fall of rivers are also very high enough to produce electricity naturally. The job that remains is to divert the river, to pass the water through tunnel where machine or turbines are situated. For that we drill mountains and that can cause landslides. Very true, but we have to. The demand of electricity is increasing day by day. We are becoming hungry for electricity and government has to provide it.
2nd point that comes into picture is that making roads and other infra cause the flood. If you look at Uttarakhand, you will find that even today 40% (ET Jul 13) have not roads. They are inaccessible. So making roads is not harmful for people. They are a part of development. We have to connect all villages to nearest major cities so that they can remain in contact of best facilities like Hospital, Education or government offices.
At last I want to say that if we want development we have to pay for it. Even developed countries like Japan, Ukraine witnessed Nuclear Disasters which are more dangerous than Natural Flood. Flood damages property for once but nuclear disaster for forever. Everything has it pros and cons. So human should do all kind of essential things, which are necessary for development but with precaution so that we can avoid such calamities.
If you are looking for more points. Go here. Act of Nature.
If you want to blame Human read this article. Act of Human

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