Corruption is the price we pay for Democracy – Group Discussion

IndiaToday I have chosen ‘Corruption is the result of Democracy’ as our Group Discussion. All we know by Democracy is by the definition given by Great A. Lincoln. He once said that ‘Democracy is for the people by the people’ and yes it’s true. We choose our own MP or MLP and they further choose PM or President for India. Ultimately we the common people make one common man so powerful and give so many responsibilities. If he does not work honestly we can remove him or throw out from the system in next election. So Democracy gives common man a power to vote.
But now days we can’t refuse to accept that Democracy in India has witnessed rise in Corruption. I totally agree with the thought that Democracy is the risen for Corruption. In our near country China, they have punished their Railway Minister for corruption. At the same time, India had seen that our Railway Minister had just resigned from his post, when his own nephew was caught red hand. People chosen by people are misusing their power. They become king for next 5 years. They make laws and decide which law should be improves. Take an example for 2 laws. First is regarding ‘Lokpal Bill’. Since 3 decades this bill is in the dustbin of Parliament. Our ministers just discuss about this and then slept off. Recently many whistle blowers like Anna ji and Kerjiwal ji have raised this topic and they are fighting for this. If Government listen to them and make the law for the people, that’s the true Democracy in my opinion. Similar law is being demanded for Rapist but Government is busy in looting this country. 2nd law is about RTI law. When RTI ordered the Political Parties to come under RTI, all party voted against it and they made some changes in the RTI act and refused to public their info. Then where is the Democracy??
In true sense of Democracy, I would like to say that ‘It should be by the common people for the common people’. Common people should have power to make or demand for any law if they need. If they need protection by a strong law against Rapist, then why should not Government listen to them? If we people are bearing with Corruption then why should not Government make some law against it? In India, Democracy gives a power to vote only. That’s it. We common people can’t take part in any decision. If we fight, police will throw us in jail.
Last but not the least I do not believe in Democracy. In my opinion either Government should be honest enough or this Democracy should be ended. Why every Democratic Country complains about Corruption because the misuse of the power we people give to their hand. If there is a person all above these ministers to control them, then only they would work properly. There could be a man like President or a law like Jan Lokpal or a committee like RTI or a lawmaker like Supreme Court. They should be given enough power to investigate and punish the culprits. But in India we have everything, but they are like ‘Caged Parrot’. They just follow the order of Government. We have seen cases about CBI and RTI and the funniest thing is about President. He is just there to give away awards and tour the world. Since my childhood I have never seen a President working in any sense. He is the supreme of this nation. We can also blame him for what happening in India.
I want to see a corruption free and prosperous country. No matter whatever we have to pay but we need some law against these devils otherwise tomorrow every person will lose their faith on ‘Democracy’.
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Deepesh Singh