Recently I read two books and here is how I relate them to pick a life lesson
Ikigai – The Japanese secret to a long and happy life

I read my first non-academic book when I was in class IX. Our school was supposed to have an audit from CBSE Delhi and we were setting up our library. I was given the job of documenting all books in a register by sections. I am talking about 2004 when we hardly had computer access and smartphone was pure rare. While dusting through the old stack of books, I found an interesting book and it was “Hsuan Tsang’s journey to India” in Hindi. I read that book in just 2-3 days and discovered a new hobby. Since then I’ve read many books and each one taught me something. Today I want to share my learnings from two powerful books which you should at least be aware of or read immediately if you love such genre.

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