Star Token Bank of India is not working – Problem and Solution

Star Token by Bank of India is a user interference to access bank account and do transactions securely. It is just an interference which enables us to access bank of India website but with lot of you know geek word security to protect your bank account. People are complaining again and again about Star Token. Actually it does not open when you have installed Windows 8 or 8.1 or updated your internet explorer. You can only login to your star token and verify any transaction that’s it. You could not check your account or could not make transfer.
Now Bank of India has brought the solution. They have updated their Star Token. Now you can run star token easily on your Windows 8 system or with an updated internet explorer. Follow the bullets to make it happen. You can read the PDF for more information. Download PDF.

Bullet 1: Uninstall the old Star Token.
Bullet 2: Visit Bank of India website and click on “Retail view demo” as shown in the image.

Star Token not working

Bullet 3: Now login in and click that you don’t have star token in the system.
Bullet 4: Download the updated star token and install.
Bullet 5: Enter proxy address if any and you are done.  

If it still does not help then install IE 10. It is working fine in my PC. I am using IE 10 and Star Token is also running smoothly.

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Deepesh Singh