Able2Extract – Inc Software Review

I was going through a software called Able2Extract. This software provides you an easy conversion of your pdf or txt file to many formats like to word, to ppt, to excel, to image. I was using the software and it was quite easy. Here I am providing a brief review of my experience with Able2Extract Software.
First thing first, you can get a trail pack of 7-15 days with full access. So that is very important because you are going to put money for this and what you need if company is providing full version free for 7 days. Download Trail version here.

Installation & System requirement:

It was easy I installation. It takes hardly 2 minute and less than 50MB space in your drive.
• Windows 8, 7, Vista, XP – x32 or x64 editions
• Intel Pentium processor or equivalent
• 512+ MB of free memory available
• 100MB of hard-disk space for program installation

Interface & usages:

The UI is quite beautiful and all tools are placed right in front of your screen. You would not need to navigate deep inside menu to find a particular tool. One needs to select a particular area which you want to be converted. If you want entire document to covert to word then click Cltr+A or click on ‘All’ and choose your option. One thing that I loved too much is ‘Batch Conversion’. Just select as much files as you want to click on Convert. Your all documents will be converted one by one. You do not need to select one by one. That’s easy and useful.
Everything runs very smoothly. It is faster also. You would definitely love it. One more thing that I liked too much is that it can also convert protected pdf. Suppose you have some pdf which does not allow copying content, due to some privacy settings, then just convert it to word and copy whatever you want.

Some Drawbacks:

1. It can convert only PDF and TXT file. It needs to provide option to convert word or excel or ppt to pdf or to image.
2. Price is too high. Do you really need premium software, when everything is free?

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Cost of Internet Browsing on Mobile Phone

Most of the people wonder how websites make money. Do we really pay the websites we visit like or The answer is we do not pay directly to the websites but the websites put advertisements on their web pages and they charge money from the advertisers. So whenever we open a webpage or we click on the ads, advertiser has to pay money to the website. It is called Pay per click. I hope this is well known to us all.
Now let’s talk about some new thing. You must have smartphone and I bet you have internet connectivity also. Have you ever wondered how much you pay just to see the advertisement? Yes! You are paying to the telecom company to visit ads. Let’s study how. I was also wondered for this concept and read an article published on Springer so want to share the findings.


The Costs of Web Advertisements While Mobile Browsing‘ article has been taken from a book on “Information and Communication Technologies” published in Springer. The article discuss about the advertisement shown while browsing internet through mobile. They have also tried to estimate a rough cost of browsing. Now a days smartphone has become very popular. We have witnessed 52.3% growth in 2Q13. In Indian market one can get a smartphone at a lowest price of 3000 INR only, so this enabled customers to have a smartphone. This has also influenced the number of internet users. Currently we have approximately 137 million internet users and it is increasing very rapidly due to availability of low cost smartphone and cheaper internet data package provided by various telecom companies.


The article defined 4 objectives.
1. To measure the amount of traffic taken up by advertisement.
2. To find the variance in data usages per browser and time.
3. To find significance of flash player.
4. To estimate the cost.


To calculation the amount of traffic an AutoBrowser has been setup. It automatically download a web page from internet and calculate the data used. For this they have chosen top 100 web pages which are trending right now over internet. To find the top ranking website, we can’t just go by ranking as they give rank on the basis of annual traffic. So they have chosen where users share their favorite webpages and we can easily find what is trending today and right now over internet. This could change every minute every day.
To find the difference they have used a proxy server separately which blocks advertisement and tried to download the same web page. The difference between the 2 web pages would give the amount of traffic that was being used by advertisement on the webpage.
To address the 2nd objective they used several web browsers which are available for smartphone. They have used Opera and Mozilla Firefox. AutoBrowser auto refresh page every 30 seconds so we could get the traffic intensity over a time span and can calculate the variance.
Browser also provides an option to disable flash. Flash has been used to show animation and video on web page. It is found that an animated advertisement takes much data than a simple image or text. So by enabling flash and disabling we can’t calculate the difference.

Fig 1: Diagram of measurement set-up

The above diagram shows the setup. Proxy server would refine the data and Autobrowse would request web page every 30 seconds.
To calculate the cost we have some rough tariff from telecom companies. Most of the Indian companies charge 10 Kb per 10 paisa. We are considering that there is no extra national roaming charge but international charges are very high. Vodafone charges 5.5 Rs/10 Kb.

Calculation and Findings

After setting up the setup we would get the volume of data usages with advertisement and without advertisement and with flash without flash.
Difference/page = ((Normal Browsing – Ads blocked) * 1024 )/No. of pages loaded

Through the calculation we can find that the difference between normal browsing and with ads blocked is approx. 109.41 KB daily 3282 KB per month. From these numbers we may conclude that web advertisements increase data traffic with 7.3% (Flash disabled) to 9.2% (Flash enabled).

Cost Estimation

To calculate the cost we could multiply the difference with 10 paisa for national usages and with 5.5 INR for international usages. We would find that with flash it could cost 1 INR daily and without flash it is 0.72 INR daily. If we consider international cost it would be 60 INR daily when flash is enabled and 40 INR when flash is disables. So on the daily basis it is huge amount that users that to pay for advertisements.


We can find that we pay a huge amount for unwanted advertisement and rapid increase in mobile browsing motivates companies to put advertisement on the webpage. We can’t block advertisement shown on webpage as mobile browsers do not have that plugins like pc browsers. But in Opera there is an option. While in roaming the data usages charge is very high and surfing internet while outside the country would charge very high. Even if we open Email accounts there are ads or banners which would use data and ultimately users have to bear it.

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2. Understanding mobile data
3. Airtel Tariff
4. Growth Accelerates in the Worldwide Mobile Phone and Smartphone Markets in the Second Quarter, According to IDC . (2013, Jul 25). Retrieved Feb 10, 2014, from IDC:
5. Internet Usage Stats and Telecommunications Market Report, According to IAMAI

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Star Token Bank of India is not working – Problem and Solution

Star Token by Bank of India is a user interference to access bank account and do transactions securely. It is just an interference which enables us to access bank of India website but with lot of you know geek word security to protect your bank account. People are complaining again and again about Star Token. Actually it does not open when you have installed Windows 8 or 8.1 or updated your internet explorer. You can only login to your star token and verify any transaction that’s it. You could not check your account or could not make transfer.
Now Bank of India has brought the solution. They have updated their Star Token. Now you can run star token easily on your Windows 8 system or with an updated internet explorer. Follow the bullets to make it happen. You can read the PDF for more information. Download PDF.

Bullet 1: Uninstall the old Star Token.
Bullet 2: Visit Bank of India website and click on “Retail view demo” as shown in the image.

Star Token not working

Bullet 3: Now login in and click that you don’t have star token in the system.
Bullet 4: Download the updated star token and install.
Bullet 5: Enter proxy address if any and you are done.  

If it still does not help then install IE 10. It is working fine in my PC. I am using IE 10 and Star Token is also running smoothly.

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How to Add Author Name And Your Profile Picture in Google Search

We spend lot of time and labor to write an article and share it with the world. But most of our viewers do not try to read out about us or about the author. Now Google has brought a new technology which shows Author name below the article headline. Viewers can see your image and can read your Google+ profile briefly. Below image is an example.

Deepesh Singh - Google Search

It is very simple process, takes 1-2 minutes to activate your Google Authorship Profile. Follow these bullets and make your visible to the viewers on Google Search.
Bullet 1: Visit
If you have an email address like then just put the email address on the box, which you will find on the above link. Remember the email id should be your website address. It can’t be or If you own then you must have to enter Within 2-3 minutes you will get a verification mail to your inbox just click on that and update your Google+ account’s contribution section.

Bullets 2: If you don’t have any custom website or custom email address then don’t worry. Google has another way to make you a verified author.
Visit this site Click on Option 2: Set up authorship by linking your content to your Google+ profile
Follow what it says.
1. Go to your Google+ account. Profile<<About<<Link<<Edit Contribution

Deepesh Singh - Google Search

2. Now place Author Name on your article page. You need to put this link to each and every article.
Deepesh Singh - Image

Like I have pasted the below link to this article.

Bullet 3: Now visit And paste your web page link to the box. It will show you the result. Do it yourself.

Read all the instruction and follow them. Now you are done. Wait for 5-6 days. Google takes 5-6 days to index your web page. Once Google is done it will start showing your name as mine is showing in above picture.

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My experience with Entropay to purchase domain on Wordpress

I have been running this blog from last 2 years but I was having the subdomain only. I used to write on current affairs and some software and PC problems. 1st 1.5 years I got hardly 400-800 hits per month. But after writing few articles on current affairs topics like some essays on FDI, Social Networks and some placement papers, my blog started getting traffic. I was very happy with the response and wrote more on some new topics. My blog was hit in just last 5 months. It got average 6500 hits per month.

Entropay -

Then my friend Rahul Meena suggested having custom domain. I check for wordpress premium domain and found it would cost $18. But the problem came when I was unable to pay. I had not either paypal account (active) or credit card. Then he told me about Initially I was little bit scary about this idea. I was concerned about security and all. But after reading reviews online and checking out few blogs, I dared to make account on Entropay and paid $5 for testing. It was very easy and quick. Instantly I got a Virtual Credit Card and everything.
Then I tried to add this credit card to my Paypal account but it cost me $3.1 and I left with $1.90 only. Adding credit card to PayPal was a mistake. We can make payment through this virtual card only.
Then again I put $18 to my Entropay and purchase this domain with it. It was simple and very quick. Within 5 minute I had a custom domain, email address and a new beautiful blog.
I am very happy and satisfied with Entropay services. But one thing that pinned me down is that adding credit card to PayPal account, they charged me $3.1 without any prior information.  

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