15 VLC Media Player Shortcuts You Should Know About

Topbullets.comVLC is supposed to be the most used media player in the world. In my last post, I had mentioned about ‘How to…’ and got huge response from Google. Today I would like to share some shortcut and features which VLC provides. These features are very useful as most of us don’t know. The post could also be helpful who are looking for ‘How to adjust audio in VLC’, ‘How to adjust subtitle in VLC’, ‘How to control speed of subtitle in VLC’, ‘How to control speed of Audio in VLC’, ‘How to take snapshot in VLC’, ’Useful shortcuts in VLC’, ‘How to adjust Audio delay in VLC’. Continue reading

How to create CSS HTML Table from MS Office Word

Topbullets.comToday I was writing a blog and I needed to insert HTML Table in the article. It takes a lot of efforts and knowledge of different CSS to create beautiful CSS HTML Table. I have knowledge about different websites which provide free CSS code but today I tried it in my own way. I liked it and it hardly took 2 minutes to create a wonderful CSS HTML Table without knowledge of CSS. You just need to know 3 basic things that is 3 html tags. html, head and body. 🙂 Let’s do it. You will certainly like it. It would be more fun if you have command over MS word and table designs. Please check below steps and images. Continue reading

How to Modify Motif Theme WordPress Tutorial Part 1

Topbullets.comIn this tutorial I am going to explain how to design or modify the front page of ‘Motif Theme’ of wordpress.com. Motif Theme is one of the attractive, dynamic and free themes in WordPress.com but many people get confused how to edit it. So with this tutorial you would learn to apply and edit the front page.
Motif Theme Demo– Visit Website
Step 1: First go to Dashboard<<Appearance<<Theme and Apply the ‘Motif Theme’. Continue reading

How to Reduce Broken Links on WordPress Blog

Topbullets.comEveryone wants to get shared his articles on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ countless and so we put sharing button below our post. But we never care of SEO kind of thing. When I check my website through http://seositecheckup.com/ I found very disappointing results. So I want to share my experience and how to solve these issues. First of all you should be aware of broken links and how it affects your Google ranking. Read this article for more details.[ Google is particularly specific when it included in its webmaster’s guidelines used by your search engine optimization company, to “Check for broken (dead) links and correct HTML” in your website. While it doesn’t hurt to have a few dead links, it will definitely reduce its rankings drastically if there are excessive dead links on your website.#COPIED] Continue reading

Top 5 News Apps for Android Phone in India

I am a news addict person. I follow more than 10 newspapers. I prefer reading paper on my laptop or mobile. I open news chancel more frequently than Google or Facebook. So you can say that I have a quite experience of news channels and their Android apps. Today I am going to share India’s top 5 news reading mobile apps. I would say these are must have apps in your android mobile phone.
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Rank 1: Umano: Listen to Articles – This is recently launched app not too old but it is very lovable and useful app. Unlike old app, this app has brought a new feature. Yes new feature that is ‘Listen to your news channels.’ This App provides various other features like offline downloading, making own list and adding new features as well and it is absolutely free. So what are you waiting for Download it and give a try. Continue reading