How to align or format numbers centrally in Microsoft Excel table–

Topbullets.comYou may have come across this problem while you were trying to align everything centrally, but numbers don’t go to center. All other formats like date, text and account can be centrally aligned but once you change them to numbers with comma style, the format goes out of toss. I remember one conversation between one of my colleagues and his manager about formatting. The manager wanted everything in the table centrally aligned and my colleague was trying to explain, it was impossible. Both tried all tricks and finally, the manager had to agree with him. Today, I found one hack which helps to overcome this challenge.

Step1: I am making a sample table with text, date and general fields in different columns and make them centrally aligned – vertically and horizontally.


Step 2: Now I will convert the few revenue columns as numbers. See the difference. They all go south (I mean right-aligned). No matter what you do, you can’t make them left or centrally aligned.


Step 3: Here is the simple hack. Copy the table, open a blank PowerPoint and paste as special. Avoid Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V. Ctrl+C the table from Excel but before pasting on PowerPoint, right-click and select the second option (Keep Source Formatting (K)).


Step 4: Now, select the table again on PowerPoint. Copy it and paste back to the Excel. This time you can use Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V.


Step 5: Now, in Excel, you can make those columns centrally aligned like I am doing here.


Hope it fixed your issue. If yes, please hit like and do comment your thoughts here.


Deepesh Singh


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